July 29, 2010


Konnichiwa peeps,

It's been decades since I blogged and I even forgot that I own a blog (I thought I deleted my account already =.=). Anyway, I've decided to keep blogging again, as I'm thinking to take an IELTS test in the upcoming semester and hopefully this blog would help my academic writing =P

A lot have happened before, I've successfully been through my first semester in uni, well, not really successful since the credits really pissed me off, but I think I did quite a little good on them. I'm promising myself to be much better in the next semester, and with Him I know I can =)
Been spending holiday in Singapore though, and it was really the best days of my life. I really enjoyed and indulged myself and not thinking of anything else except for HOLIDAY. But too bad, uni is around the corner and I need to prepare for everything *sigh

After all, I'm quite happy with things up until now.
Happy holiday, peeps! For those who still have holiday :P

Cheers, :)