September 30, 2011

Pick just the good over the bad.

Quick updates of my routine in these couple of weeks. 

~ Just survived 4 mid-semester tests and ended with not-really-satisfying result. 
~ Currently got two loving dates with proposal report and database script assignments. 
~ The most annoying programming lab test is just a week away. Cr*p!
~ FINAL EXAMS are 3 weeks away. 
~ Due to those madness mentioned above, I ate so-inappropriate food. I even barely smelled the just cooked rice in the rice cooker in the past two weeks. GRRRR!

Despite the negativities...

~ I finally watched The Idea of North in their new album launch last week and as I could imagine. It rocks. Spell R.O.C.K.S. Can't wait for their Christmas album in release!
~ It's around 40ish days away to home. 
~ It's around 70ish days away to Sydney and Christmas. 
(What a combo!)

I tried so hard not to ranting about more stuff here. Life has been awesome lately, and I guess it's just the matter of time and all of that efforts if I can be bothered. 
No photography this time as I spent most of my precious days at the bedroom. 

God bless :)

September 15, 2011

As I contemplate.


At the time I wrote this post, I was thinking of this could be the hardest part of my life. Well, at least for now. Who knows what I'm going to face in the near future or even plans further up. 
This is also the first time I miss my family back home so bad. It sometimes feels weird, when I suddenly thought of visiting grandma when I talked with mom on the phone, but it's like miles away, crossing continents that I wanna shout out, "Can't I be rich and book tickets home whenever I want?". I miss my best friends too, thinking of having a getaway with them someday. As we have grown up together now I couldn't say how good it is to have a chat with them, not as a high schooler who only talks about boyfriend, ex, homeworks, and so forth. If I'm being asked, whether I wanted to go back to high school times, then I would say, no thanks. I'm pretty comfortable with my life now. Taking a step up from a teenager to a fully grown up woman, I'm probably in the transition of them. I can see how big the changes have happened, like really. I was being selfish, I had such a bad temper, I didn't want to lose, I didn't care much of people, I talked craps, I took everything in shortcut, and many more I couldn't even remember. I can see life has taught me to care more and appreciate all people around you. It's beautiful to see how we can love people around us and they will eventually love us back. Love, is probably who plays the main role. Being 20 is where the process starts to make you ready and fully prepared for the next couple of years. It doesn't matter if I have to face the future all by myself and being parted from my family, or having to be a single for now. I want to be completely a single, until I feel that I can live by myself then I have reached what it takes to be a single. By the time I can be a whole single, shatterproof, then it's the sign of readiness. What leads me to my condition right now, would be the continuously support and love from my family and friends, back home and here. For everyone who feels the same way as I do, let us give thanks to God that He gave us this way to make us stronger and good things always come to those who faithfully wait in Him :) 

September 3, 2011


Photo on 2011-09-03 at 14.23 

Been attempting to chase around and play hide and seek with the so-called study motivation.

It's 3 days to the scariest and most terrifying lab test of this unit that spamming my body, mind, and soul. I know that I'm supposed to be geek-ing in front of my laptop right now, instead of wasting time writing about my procrastination here. 

Oh well. 

I might continue the proposal report first, then start my study later. Oh, now I remember that I should cook for the fundraising tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow would be the best time? 
Yes, tomorrow it is, after getting back from church then I'll study. 

*Straight after I finished the line there, mom showed in Skype and yelled and bragged at me. She even noticed just by looking at my face smiling around and making stupid imaginary expression. 

I'm off for now, before I get caught again writing stupid stuff and get trapped in this procrastination limbo. 

September 1, 2011

September-to-do list.


I'm officially welcoming September, the beginning of spring, but tons of Uni stuff is about to rising up to the surface. Two tests will be coming next week, two more after the week break, two assignments coming up at the end of the month. asdfaksdjf#@F54%^&

*panic attact*

I couldn't stop counting down to a getaway, meeting mom and dad, and friends. And it's probably the last time I could go back home, considering the cr*ppy permanent residency stuff that becomes more impossible (read: IMPOSSIBLE).

Forget about the busyness for a while. I started to love this spring collection from Frankie mags. Not to mention that Frankie makes it engrossing with their photos and designs, that makes me even more engulfed in the media and design fad. 



It has been a tough week for everyone I suppose, and let's just not stop trying our best. He would walk together in pace, until we reach the final line where you can feel that there are no more things to worry about. So, let's keep the spirit on :)

And oh, one more interesting page from Frankie. The men's cut in the 40's, 50's, and 60's.



I just booked the ticket to The Idea of North - Extraordinary Tales album launch concert this September. Can't wait! :D
So, the points is, there are always things to loosen up the nerves to study, and I hope you can get yours, too. 
Recommended activity that might help ---> browse new sale items from Asos, perhaps?