December 8, 2011

Pressies ♥

I'm close enough to the-most-wanted holiday I've been longing for this whole break. It's one more week, ONE MORE, till I blow up my savings for Christmas present for me. No one's gonna buy me a present, so I buy it myself, lols.

I've been wanting a new iPhone. I didn't know why I end up altering my phone plan to Blackberry last time. Now it doesn't work at all, and I'm using my old iPhone again. I'm thinking of getting an iPod touch, which is not a bad idea though hehe.

Anyways, I just received Christmas presents from my lovely students and it's just very impressive. I wouldn't have thought of giving my piano teachers a Christmas present before, back in Indo, guess I was a bad student in considering. 


In addition, I baked them cupcakes to give away. The funny thing that I could remember was, they were playing very nice, focussed and listened to every word I said, and that was the first time they worked out their best for the lesson. Eventually, they had seen the cupcakes on the table before the lesson, and they already had this little thought that I would give it to them lol.


It's a great feeling being involved with them, one of my best experience ever that I could have such wonderful and brilliant children here :)

December 5, 2011

Mac Cheese!

Hands up if you're sweating like crazy right now! Not even right now, it's the whole day I've been trying to survive the heat. It's a horrible christmas for Oz people over here, we can't even expect for a white christmas, or a winter wonderland. BLAH!

I'm celebrating this heat with the so loveable Macaroni Cheese. I'm dead by cheese. I can say a farewell to diet, hohoho. 





Well, it's obviously close to my most awaiting moment. Mom's coming next week. Yess, it's next week finally. We'll be spending christmas together with my sister and her boyfriend this time. Will be a great time together I reckon :)

And I've been telling myself gladly that I've moved on again. It's been a hard time, but I got the better strength from Him. He answered my prayer every night, and I know something's good is about to come. I'm not talking crap here, but I just know it :) It no longer matters what will happen, and it's all just about time, isn't it? 

Well, I'm hoping you had a great time planning and preparing your Christmas. May God bless be upon us all :)

November 26, 2011

I should hang in there.

This time I don't completely understand of how I should put me in a right position. I still can't say that I'm strong enough to continue this myself. This is the point where I can't do anything about it and accept whatever that happened. As I have been thinking, I was really sorry and I still don't know whether it was the right decision to make. I know it doesn't really mean anything for now anymore, but it has been a precious moment where you were part of my life and where I thought I would never lose you. It's probably too late now and I always want you to be happy. That was always be the reason I'm holding on to you from the beginning. I wish I could see things in a bigger perspective, but I'm trying hard now not to be a narrow-minded person. This time has finally come, the biggest fear of my life it could ever be. I have to face it and I should not longer become a weak person. This is the point where my mind and heart battling so hard, figuring out the best way to overcome this and make it balance again, and yet I still couldn't find the way. I have done whatever I can, in every possible way, but then I realize again that this is the real answer and I should not ask for more. And this would ever be the last words I want to say, "thank you" :)

Happy birthday Mumsie!




Baked specially for my mum who was having her 51st birthday yesterday :)

Happy birthday Mumski!
I wish you happiness and healthiness, and never give up of being a perfect mom. 
You have always been the greatest mom ever, taught me to be who I am, a stronger me
that can always rely on God. 
Stay young and beautiful :)

Love & pray,

Your daughter

November 19, 2011

I still survive.


Firstly I want to say good luck for friends who are still having final exams. Keep trying and do your very best, let God do the rest :) 
I believe in every hard work you did, you'll gain an achievement you've never expected before. Tee-hee...

Anyways, it's been my 3rd week of break and what I got is a load, bunch lists to do from work. But always thanking God for this that I got the chance of getting the hang of how actually  accounts assistance and administration work feel like. I experienced Quickbooks as well! All I ever knew was I heard accounting people using it, and it's popular. So I'm having a big smile inside that I can actually operate it myself. Hohoho. Not a big achievement though, but still. At least I know I could fix my failure in accounting in past experience for now. 

I'm also preparing myself for the final year project at uni that I'll be doing next semester. Can't believe it's my real final semester next year. I'm praying hard so that I would be in a group of good students, have a nice client for the project, and I have a feeling that I should learn the programming again during the holiday... Or, if I'm being accepted for the Professional Practice (hopefully I make it!), my dream of becoming a full timer at the CBD would become reality... *keep my finger crossed*

And, a big annual concert of my music company are coming up next week. I've pretty much coped up with stress for some of my students that keep asking silly questions like:
"What I'm going to play again for the recital? I completely forgot." or
"What does concert mean? I don't get that." OR 
"So... I'm doing the piece, and you're gonna be watching me? Aren't you supposed to be teaching me?" 


However, they are all awesome kids after all :) I'm going to make them cupcakes for christmas present, I hope it'll turn well. 
And for me myself, I'm going to perform a duet with boss. Hopefully I could cope with the pressure, lols. 

And, it's exactly 4 weeks for mom's coming and Sydney. Then home. Then (hopefully) Singapore :) 

And, I still think that I shouldn't have let it happened  from the beginning. But I still survive. I don't want to give up, I never want to. I'm just hoping for the best to come, through God :)

Taken at Louis Baxter, Subiaco.

November 10, 2011

Chocolate chip cookies.

The only thing I'd love to do, killing time and getting myself out from this anxious thought I have at the moment. I dug up mom's recipes in my drawer and this is enough to make me feel calm for a moment :)




With a glass of hot milk you will get the hang of how this could turn your mood upside down :)

I wish I could bake this for you, to cheer you up in the FYP you might be working on right now. I wish to hear from you soon :) 

November 8, 2011

Dedicated posts.

I've been a wreck lately. I finished my exams, the very last exams of my degree, but I'm supposed to be jumping and running around to celebrate this. Instead I found myself crying out, hiding in the corner of my bedroom every night, hiding from the reality that I wish it would never happen. I've never been like this and I don't know why. I lost one more person who is too important to me and there's nothing I can do. There's nothing I can do to make you stay and I can just say, here I am, I'll try my very best for your happiness :)
You've been my precious gift and I learnt everything of life lesson because of you.
Thank you for being my loyal reader, and if you notice every single post I wrote lately is only for you :)

October 30, 2011

Not so fancy, but will do.

When you have limited stock of food in your pantry (like I do over these past few weeks), I could not afford of buying fancy food, even from the supermarket, I can finally survive on this.
Will be waiting for mom's coming to get a more proper food in less than 2 months and really excited for it! 

Some slices of Krakowurst, yum ~

Some button mushrooms to garnish

And toasted with cheese :)

Keep the spirit on for the rest of the uni final week and let's enjoy the break!

October 29, 2011

The dawn.

Lizzy: I couldn't sleep.
Mr. Darcy: Nor I. My aunt...
Lizzy: Yes, she was here.
Mr. Darcy: How can I ever make amend for such behaviour.
Lizzy: After what you have done for Lydia, and I suspect for Jane also, it is I who should be making amends.
Mr. Darcy: You must know, surely you must know, it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I would have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love... I love... I love you. And I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.
Lizzy: Well then. Your hands are cold...

Pride and Prejudice

October 22, 2011

A letter.

Dear you,

I think I'm taking the right path now. I didn't know what I was waiting this whole year, for some magic or miracle to happen but I know now it wouldn't change. It will always stay like that, and I've been blinded. I've now found a missing piece I've been looking for. Now I also realize that I've been missing you, so much. If this are going well, I know that I won't let it go again. I've been pretty sure with my option, and what I can do now is to convince you that I'm purely in love again. I can ensure you that it won't be happening again. I guess all the things have been a set of examinations for us to learn to grow up. I wish I can prove that I'm being better now and still trying the best I can, and I hope you do to. There are always ways to kill the distance, as long as our hearts remain stronger than before. Don't you think so, too?

Yours trully,


October 16, 2011

Meet Bert!

I just got a huge buddy from the Perth Royal Show this year. Yes, after my existence in Perth for 3 years, it was my very first time I could see what exactly the show was about. So many colours and toys that boosted up the mood :D


Love love love 

October 15, 2011

A little light.

I met a lot of people through my whole life, and they have been really kind. Can't thank them enough for everything that strengthens me up. 
I'm also happy for you, that you can finally change into a better man. I hope you lead a good life together with the one you've chosen. Can't thank you enough for what happened in the past.
I guess I still need to persevere this journey by myself a little bit more though, and perhaps there's still be a place for me somewhere there :)

October 4, 2011

The oven is turned on again.

Been drooling over cakes in the Junior Masterchef episode yesterday and it came up in my mind about the leftover ingredients I got in the pantry which soon will be expired.

I got no idea to name it. Put all the chocolate blocks and cinnamon together, topped with my all time favourite fruits I bought yesterday. 




September 30, 2011

Pick just the good over the bad.

Quick updates of my routine in these couple of weeks. 

~ Just survived 4 mid-semester tests and ended with not-really-satisfying result. 
~ Currently got two loving dates with proposal report and database script assignments. 
~ The most annoying programming lab test is just a week away. Cr*p!
~ FINAL EXAMS are 3 weeks away. 
~ Due to those madness mentioned above, I ate so-inappropriate food. I even barely smelled the just cooked rice in the rice cooker in the past two weeks. GRRRR!

Despite the negativities...

~ I finally watched The Idea of North in their new album launch last week and as I could imagine. It rocks. Spell R.O.C.K.S. Can't wait for their Christmas album in release!
~ It's around 40ish days away to home. 
~ It's around 70ish days away to Sydney and Christmas. 
(What a combo!)

I tried so hard not to ranting about more stuff here. Life has been awesome lately, and I guess it's just the matter of time and all of that efforts if I can be bothered. 
No photography this time as I spent most of my precious days at the bedroom. 

God bless :)

September 15, 2011

As I contemplate.


At the time I wrote this post, I was thinking of this could be the hardest part of my life. Well, at least for now. Who knows what I'm going to face in the near future or even plans further up. 
This is also the first time I miss my family back home so bad. It sometimes feels weird, when I suddenly thought of visiting grandma when I talked with mom on the phone, but it's like miles away, crossing continents that I wanna shout out, "Can't I be rich and book tickets home whenever I want?". I miss my best friends too, thinking of having a getaway with them someday. As we have grown up together now I couldn't say how good it is to have a chat with them, not as a high schooler who only talks about boyfriend, ex, homeworks, and so forth. If I'm being asked, whether I wanted to go back to high school times, then I would say, no thanks. I'm pretty comfortable with my life now. Taking a step up from a teenager to a fully grown up woman, I'm probably in the transition of them. I can see how big the changes have happened, like really. I was being selfish, I had such a bad temper, I didn't want to lose, I didn't care much of people, I talked craps, I took everything in shortcut, and many more I couldn't even remember. I can see life has taught me to care more and appreciate all people around you. It's beautiful to see how we can love people around us and they will eventually love us back. Love, is probably who plays the main role. Being 20 is where the process starts to make you ready and fully prepared for the next couple of years. It doesn't matter if I have to face the future all by myself and being parted from my family, or having to be a single for now. I want to be completely a single, until I feel that I can live by myself then I have reached what it takes to be a single. By the time I can be a whole single, shatterproof, then it's the sign of readiness. What leads me to my condition right now, would be the continuously support and love from my family and friends, back home and here. For everyone who feels the same way as I do, let us give thanks to God that He gave us this way to make us stronger and good things always come to those who faithfully wait in Him :) 

September 3, 2011


Photo on 2011-09-03 at 14.23 

Been attempting to chase around and play hide and seek with the so-called study motivation.

It's 3 days to the scariest and most terrifying lab test of this unit that spamming my body, mind, and soul. I know that I'm supposed to be geek-ing in front of my laptop right now, instead of wasting time writing about my procrastination here. 

Oh well. 

I might continue the proposal report first, then start my study later. Oh, now I remember that I should cook for the fundraising tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow would be the best time? 
Yes, tomorrow it is, after getting back from church then I'll study. 

*Straight after I finished the line there, mom showed in Skype and yelled and bragged at me. She even noticed just by looking at my face smiling around and making stupid imaginary expression. 

I'm off for now, before I get caught again writing stupid stuff and get trapped in this procrastination limbo. 

September 1, 2011

September-to-do list.


I'm officially welcoming September, the beginning of spring, but tons of Uni stuff is about to rising up to the surface. Two tests will be coming next week, two more after the week break, two assignments coming up at the end of the month. asdfaksdjf#@F54%^&

*panic attact*

I couldn't stop counting down to a getaway, meeting mom and dad, and friends. And it's probably the last time I could go back home, considering the cr*ppy permanent residency stuff that becomes more impossible (read: IMPOSSIBLE).

Forget about the busyness for a while. I started to love this spring collection from Frankie mags. Not to mention that Frankie makes it engrossing with their photos and designs, that makes me even more engulfed in the media and design fad. 



It has been a tough week for everyone I suppose, and let's just not stop trying our best. He would walk together in pace, until we reach the final line where you can feel that there are no more things to worry about. So, let's keep the spirit on :)

And oh, one more interesting page from Frankie. The men's cut in the 40's, 50's, and 60's.



I just booked the ticket to The Idea of North - Extraordinary Tales album launch concert this September. Can't wait! :D
So, the points is, there are always things to loosen up the nerves to study, and I hope you can get yours, too. 
Recommended activity that might help ---> browse new sale items from Asos, perhaps? 

August 26, 2011

End of August updates.

I just found a new motivation regarding my study progress that has been dropped significantly in the present. Even though there are so much hurdles to go through, I could still convince myself and slap my cheek whenever I see my cute timetable pin-up from Frankie (thanks to Frankie team, I'll always be your loyal subscriber!), where I date certain upcoming excitements.



The highlight of all...

'BRB' ICYO RETREAT is just around the corner!!


Total excitement!

And I just feel so blessed today that I wanna tell the world that this life is really amazingly incredible. There are so many good people around, and it surely rises up the positive energy of you.

And a little gift from home, brought by my family tradition.


Sticky rice with tons of ebi and little cuts of chasiew! 

Alrightey, back to the textbook reading. I wish for us all a luck in the upcoming tests and assessments :)


August 22, 2011

To everyone in this universe.

I'm currently mad with these music videos by David Choi.

Enjoy! :)

August 21, 2011

A new baby is on his way.

I just wanna spread a good news, that I have finally bought a new baby number 4. A Nikon DSLR it is! 


Got a plan to fill up my Flickr albums so soon ♥ 

August 12, 2011

Jane Eyre

I just got back from watching Jane Eyre with my housemates. For you who've never heard of it, it's one of the english classic novel collections by Charlotte Bronte (who I guess she's the sister of Emily Bronte, who wrote the Wuthering Heights, which is one of the famous english novels as well *Ok I'm done talking*). 

Anyway, the story is about an orphan named Jane, who lost both of her parents when she was baby, and were raised by her aunt and uncle. She was treated unequally with her cousins, her head was even beaten to the wall by her sarcastic dumb cousin. She was finally sent to the Lockwood school, to get educated to be some kind like a governess or servant I guess (I did a lot of guessing in this movie though, due to the lack of proper British english, and no captions available).

And she finally grew up, and she worked as a governess to teach a little french girl in a private household. There she met and fell for a man who unfortunately had got married 15 years ago, and he locked up his wife in a secret room, in which Jane thought that there was something ghosty that haunted the house.
After she found out the truth, she left and ran away until a kind young man found her almost dried up, and brought her home and she was given a place to stay with his two-same-aged sisters. 

Anyway skip to the ending.

It was like a typical movie where we all thought she would fall in love again with this young man who was way better than her previous love. But we got it all wrong. Unfortunately she was the heiress of the wealth of his uncle Madeira, he left 20,000 pounds for her. She begged to be one of the young man's sisters because she was always alone, and gave them 5,000 pounds each. Then she went to the old house and she was surprised that it was burnt, nobody knew how the fire were set up a year ago. Then she finally found her man of love at the backyard, bearded all over his face, and he turned blind...



The end.

Has been one of my favourite english classic novels :)

July 30, 2011

You name it.

Hi again :)

I found a pretty relaxing ambience from this music video. I started to love them but I'm just curious how rare people ever heard of them.
Anyway, enjoy!

July 27, 2011

It might be, but it might not be.

I can't seem to get rid of this thought. It haunts me every night and I hate it so much that I really wish everything did not ever happen. I hate it when something keeps reminding me of the past. There is no one to blame, really. All I can blame is just me, for not able to leave the past behind. I couldn't blame people for changing, and I believe they were just showing who they really are. I once thought that it might be one of them who would stay and fight till the end, but my thought did not seem to be the right answer. There once a saying, "Don't leave something good to see if you can find better, because once you realize you had the best, the best found better." Thousand of questions fulfilling my head, asking when the right time for the 'better' one to come. I don't seem to fully aware of any hurdles it might lead, but all I ever wanted is to go back in time, when it did not completely seem to be a big matter. I'm lost and desperate. I can't position myself in a right place. I almost get to the final line where I seem to lose faith of whether true love even exists...
Does it really happen? 
Or is it just an imaginary plain dream you ever had in your head?

July 25, 2011

Etro @ Kings Street.

Me and my cousin met just a week ago, and it was a really special day for us to be able to escape and celebrate our freedom from duty to work.
We pondered about what to have for lunch, was it asian or western. And it came to a decision to give a go at Etro Cafe at Kings Street.

I kept my taste on the Risotto Special that day, the Chicken and Mushroom risotto, which I ever had the other day with Brenda and Inez.

The best risotto I ever had I guess, since I haven't found one like this except for the Seafood Risotto at Ciao Italia I had last time. It came with a large plate, and the risotto seemed to be in a very small portion as compared to the other Italian dishes around. But I can ensure you that you will have more than enough to finish it. What's more, you can also get a coffee with it for only $20.00 with their so-called "Lovely Lunch" deal. 

My cousin ordered the pasta of the day, which was the Fettucini with sundried tomato, basil, parmesan, olives and so many more contained inside the dish. 

It was good though, but the Risotto had won the award that day :D
The taste was quite simple and nothing extraordinary for the dish. But I should say that the sundried tomato had rocked my tongue. They were marinated with the basil which made the taste rich and add something strong to the plain fettucini. 

But overall it was a good place I reckon. The coffee was fantastic and they were all in a reasonable price. I didn't remember to take picture of the place, and again they were taken with my iPhone and I was surprised that the pictures are not too bad. Oh yeah my Phonnie rocks! :D

Well then, I wish you enjoyed your weekend and happily prepared for the rest of the week. 
God bless! 

July 19, 2011

Last edition of Kal.

Last week had been my very last trip, sitting on a 7 hours train to Kalgoorlie. It has been my third times since the last time me and my mom had last year. Nothing pretty much to change, and Kal was actually not too bad. Compare it with Bunburry, or say Albany. The same 6 hours trip, but instead of going down south, you go far to the east. It's not close to the sea, but you absolutely reside on a soil full of gold, how cool is that? In fact, you can sometimes feel the ground shaking, but it's not an earthquake that you need to run outside your house, you can bear in mind that it must be the explosion from the Superpit. Every explosion, means the found of golds.

They were all taken during my return trip and were using an iPhone camera. Still haven't got the proper one, hopefully could get it next month :D
And I even forgot to take the last picture with my sister, because we were busy finding pubs and restaurants. The buffet in the pubs were amazingly nice, too. 

Dear sissy, have a lovely trip to Sydney tomorrow! Beware of the Snowtown stories they told us, and keep praying and drive safe. 
I'll see you in Christmas! 

Your cute sister.

July 7, 2011

The perfect gift.

I came home from work that day
It was raining heavily and a cold winter night
I ran to my bed straight away, had a little rest for my body
Then I remembered I hadn't got dinner
So I went to the kitchen, tried to find something to cook

I sat down on the couch, had my dinner while watching tv
It was me all alone in the house
Then I finished my dinner, washed the dishes
and took a long warm bath
It was a really nice feeling I got, then I hid under my blanket,
with my notebook on my lap

I was exhausted and I started to have this kinda feeling
I don't wanna say that I was lonely
I never feel lonely, but it's not that I enjoy being alone
I'd really love to have my friends, family, or someone to sat
and had an exciting convo

I really wished I could have a moment
when you let go of everything that burdens, 
have someone you love around you, and just being there for each other
Can you see a contentment in it? Can you see how beautiful that is?
Can you see how kind is our God, to create friends, family, and 
that someone who you can never give up on?

I solely believe I could be granted that moment
No matter how long it would take, 
it is always worth the wait
I know that when the time has finally arrived,
I could be as happy as them, who are already granted that moment, 
with their beloved one

July 4, 2011

Tagging blog award.

Melihat keadaan page blog saya yang gersang dan kering kerontang ini, akhirnya saya bisa mengepost sesuatu lagi didalamnya. 
Baru saja dapet tag award dari creator Bloggie Wonderland, yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah Eveline Indra. Makasihh Linch sudah membaca blog gw yang ngga seberapa ini :D

Anyway, busway, freeway *opotohiki*

Dan akhirnya saya juga senang karena blog ini ada gambarnya lagi. 

Jadi, award ini ada rulesnya juga ternyata, dapat dilihat sebagai berikut:

  • Setiap orang yang ditag harus juga mem-posting tentang 10 hal mengenai diri mereka masing-masing;

  • Harus memilih 5 orang yang akan ditag;

  • Kunjungi blog mereka dan beritahu mereka kalau mereka sudah ditag oleh kita;

  • Jangan tag balik atau jangan tag orang yang sudah memberikan postingan ini sebelumnya kepada kamu;

  • Selamat mem-posting!

    Jadi, saya ingin bercerita tentang 10 fakta seputar saya dan sekitarnya.

    1. Saya cuman pernah punya 2 guling seumur hidup selama 20 tahun. Salah satunya setelah saya berangkat ke Perth 2.5 tahun yang lalu, dengan berat hati harus beli guling baru (Memalukan ya saya, tapi beneran ngga bisa tidur kalo ngga cium guling sendiri). 

    2. Penggemar berat dan punya koleksi lengkap film Sailor Moon dan Barbie series.

    3. Ngga pernah bisa pelajaran MATEMATIKA, terutama geometri. 

    4. Ngga bisa hidup tanpa kopi (Satu-satunya yang bisa ngereplace kopi adalah Green Tea Latte). 

    5. Punya mimpi dan cita-cita sedari kecil jadi ibu rumah tangga. Tapi seiring berkembangnya usia saya pengen jadi wanita karir sekaligus ibu rumah tangga dan ngajar piano di rumah. 

    6. Not a very big fan of cats and dogs, dan berbagai macam serangga lainnya (Tapi tetep pecinta hewan lho, asal nggak deket nempel di kaki aja). 

    7. Demen banget yang namanya pesawat terbang dan segala macam yang berhubungan sama pesawat dan airport. 

    8. Selalu ngimpi tentang prince dan princess yang jatuh cinta lalu menikah. Gw rasa karna kebanyakan nonton Barbie sih yang ini, tapi suer hampir tiap hari mikirin yang beginian. 

    9. Seumur hidup dari kecil sampe SMA kelas 1 selalu berambut pendek, nggak nanggung kayak laki-laki.

    10. Cuman punya satu kakak tapi sering berantem waktu kecil, dari jambak-jambakan, tendang-tendangan, dan pukul-pukulan pake bantal. Baru sekarang sadar bahwa kita masing-masing saling membutuhkan. #ehmgeernggayadiakalobaca

    Lima blog yang akan saya pilih untuk tag award ini adalah:

    Keep your blogs posted! I will be your very loyal reader :)

    July 3, 2011

    Second half of the year report.

    Yielloow peeps!

    It's the beginning of July, and the months have passed by with a blink. Who agree with me?
    Anndd... Uni result is about to come out in 3 days, but my heart already starts pounding ever since I opened the oasis to check out emails and notifications regarding my results or sort of stuff.
    Let us pray for the best to our results, I believe everyone did really well during the semester :)

    Oh, the current progress of the savings for camera is half way through. I wouldn't talk crap anymore when I say that I would save my money for a camera, but turned out that I spent the money for clothes and shoes.
    My goal for this is to be able to get it by the end of the year, before the end of year holiday. Excited much for this one!

    I'm not uploading photos this time, due to my super lame digital camera that I wanna throw it away sometimes.

    Anyway, welcoming the Semester 2 in uni. I'm so stressed out of not getting even 1 HD in this current semester, as I know already that next semester would be a cr*ppy semester in my entire life ever. I finished all the Info System subjects, and there are several IT subjects left in my cores. Two of them would be programming, and two others are the final year projects. I can just leave everything to God, especially when it comes to the logic to get the program works. Gaarrggh...

    Last but not least, enjoy the rest of your holiday peeps! I wish you're having a great day ahead :)

    June 19, 2011

    I wish.

    I wish life could be easier. 

    I wish every matter could be simpler. 

    I wish I had enough money of my own to keep hanging on. 

    I wish I could have my desired typical-office job later. 

    I wish I could be a mature woman.

    I wish I could do better in every single stuff I have. 

    I wish I could do something to eradicate other's difficulties.

    I wish I could handle every problem that destroys me.

    I wish I could bring something to get people rid of despair and sorrow.

    I wish I could have a fantastic family of my own. 

    I wish I could have wonderful, bright, optimistic, buoyant children of my own.

    I wish I could be tougher.

    I wish I could be granted more strength. 

    I wish I could meet the man that I love, unconditionally. 

    I wish we could get through every storm that tries to destroy our way. 

    I wish we could bear things together.

    I wish everyone would be granted the best thing they can never imagine.

    Lord, I surrender myself in Your hand. I wish for your blessings for my precious family and friends, for Your power to hold us up through every obstacle in our life.
    I believe in Your glory my almighty God :)

    June 5, 2011

    Rise up your spirit :)

    Good evening peeps.

    (Just realised I keep saying Nitey or Good Evening here, even when I put brekkie pictures on my posts. But I'm getting back now to my long lost daily routine of staying tuned late up until 1 or 2am)

    Anyhow, this morning was quite cold and I prefer to stay for another 30 minutes under my blanket. It was tremendously a pleasant spot there which I suppose everyone would enjoy that aura...
    So I decided to make oatmeal with caramelized apple.

    Small cuts of fuji apple, and you're gonna need to cook it with butter and sugar to caramelize them.


    Bring to cook around 20 minutes until they turn golden brown. 


    I just did an alteration to soy milk these few weeks and I see it's good. I'm not ready to change my regular coffee to soy latte yet though haha. 


    A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar always be a perfect blend :)

    My study progress ----> only 10% out of 110% I guess. *still breathe in and out again*

    Good luck for everyone who starts the exam next week. Winter holiday is just there :)

    June 2, 2011

    Strive till the end I shall call.

    I just completely stuff my whole day up studying for the crappy exams in 1.5 weeks. Seriously I was thinking to procrastinate for a week or so and start the study-till-dead thingy just a week before. I just flipped through the pages of a bunch of lecture notes building up to nearly the same as Mount Everest on my desk, and I was surrounded in a shocking ambience and can't stop my mouth from open for several minutes. It's around 98-150 slides a chapter to memorize (read: no graphs, no illustrations, no pictures or whatsoever, just words all over from start till the end).

    *stress overload*

    *breathe in*

    *breathe out*

    Aside from my study motivation, I always spare my time to cook for my lunch and dinner. A justifiable reason as I have to cook in order not to dine out. I found this crazy idea this afternoon in the middle of my study. I tell you a post-groceries-syndrome of mine. In the middle of endeavouring to get the hang of what 'service asset and configuration management' means, my right brain told me to figure out what I should do to the chicken I bought yesterday. And I finally came up with this idea of making tomato puree with sweet soya sauce which is unexpectedly nice :D


    I'll pray for everyone all the best for the final exam next week. May God's blessing be upon us all :)


    May 31, 2011

    Wonted morning.

    DSCN2063 by cindymonica

    Sat alone on the loveliest couch in the morning. Enjoying the morning breeze came in through the window and took a sip of a ceylon tea.

    May 20, 2011

    Si ret raiding hut.



    Ehem. Maap tapi saya sedang sangat heppi saat ini. Dikarenakan karena oleh sebab batere laptop merah menyala saya sudah kembali normal :D
    Begitu terharu ketika melihat persen si batere semakin berkurang, karena sebelumnya mentok aja gitu 50 persen, kagak nambah kagak kurang. Dicharge berhari-hari juga teteeeep aja 50 persen ato 'Not Charging'. 

    Bagi kalian kalian yang melihat tanda seperti itu, atau 'Service Battery' boleh menghubungi saya, karena sudah sangat familiar sekali kata kata itu buat saya. 
    Wuetts, jangan langsung panik, karena sebenernya nggak rusak kok. Cuman kalo yang dicharge berhari hari kagak berubah2 juga boleh dibawa ke klinik apel terdekat, dan jikalau beruntung anda nggak perlu bayar atau lebih beruntung lagi laptop anda harus rawat inap (Kenapa beruntung? Karena kalian punya alasan untung nggak bikin esenmen, kurang beruntung apalagi bukan?)
    Baju baru buat si putih :D

    Akhirnya 44% juga setelah hampir 3 minggu 50%.
    Pokoknya saya bahagia bahagia sueeenaanangnangnang! Karena akhirnya juga bisa kerjain esenmen tanpa harus pinjem laptop Wenwen :D #maap tapi pernyataan diatas tentang keberuntungan hanyalah fiktif belaka. Saya kuatir karena esenmennya worth 40% dan due Jumat depan :( :(

    Sekian dari saya malam ini. Selamat bikin esenmen buat yang masih ada dan tak lupa mengucapkan tetap semangat!!

    Ayat dari renungan hari ini: "Janganlah gelisah hatimu; percayalah kepada Allah, percayalah juga kepada-Ku". 
    Semoga bisa menenangkan kekuatiran teman-teman akan tugas dan final exam yang akan datang nanti :)

    God bless!