August 29, 2010

Long lost baby..

How I miss to play my baby no.5 (I was putting her in no.2 last year). My lovely mom bought her for me as my birthday present when I was 13 or 14 I couldn't even remember :( She's 5 years old now and still in the dusty case on my room floor. I discovered her being abandoned since I arrived here last year and just played with it when nobody was home, unless they would be attacked by a serious terrible headache. Lols. Who is the 'she' anyway? Well, she's not a pet though :D
Suzuki, NS-20 - 2005
People say the older your violin is, the more wonderful sound it can produce. I hope she's still fine after going through 4 seasons here. At first I needed to adjust the bridge and strings for like thousand times as their positions always changed due to the seasonal weather and soon after adjusting, tuning needs to be made. But now I know what the problem is, I'm not supposed to store the case vertically. To all violin players, does that make sense? But yes, this theory is applied to my violin. Weird I guess. But I don't want to buy a new German made violin to replace her.
Perhaps I wanna buy a set of new strings to refurnish her and make her my baby no.2 again instead of my iPhone :P

August 25, 2010

25 August

It's 25 August today. I was playing with my fingers, counting how many months it has been since my 3rd anniversary with him. My finger stopped at the 6th count and obviously today is the 42nd month of me and him being together :)
Happy 3.5 years anniversary, pupu.. I love you..

August 23, 2010


Perth forecast today reported a sunny day :) A good weather for washing clothes and how I love to sit in my room, in front of my big window with the sun shined my face. I was looking at the cloudy sky waiting for my class at 1pm when I suddenly craved for egg mayo, tomato, potato, Italian leafs and roast beef at Curtin's main cafe salad bar. I ran directly to get my salad soon after class, and it was really good ♥

I planned to make curry beef with *buncis* (what is buncis in english btw? lols), but it turned out to be a disaster. I accidentally dropped quite a lot of crushed dried chilli and it tasted like a volcano :'( The beef landed in the bin as soon as it cooked. I then opened my fridge to get my buncis then I saw my baby spinach nearly dead and I changed my menu again for the second time. I finally mixed all the veggies that I got as my stomach growled so superb.
I mixed rice with brokolli, corn, peas, carrot and spinach.
For the side dish, I cooked the leftover spinach with button mushroom and egg. Simple yet delicious :)
For finale, I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of it and it has made my evening beautiful hehe.
Have a good dinner peeps, but try to not having a heavy supper later, lols..
Happy Monday!

August 20, 2010

My gratefulness to the max :)

I can't stop thinking about how good God be to me. To think thoroughly about it, I couldn't do good things in my life to make Him happy. I still, sometimes go to sleep without praying just because I was damn tired or smelling my favourite *guling* and I just fell asleep. I always talk to God before I sleep, thanking Him of how I can get through the whole day, and asking Him for forgiveness of what I have done wrong. But for sure, it can't be said as a prayer :( A prayer is when you sit properly, give all your heart to Him, not thinking of anything else, but give all you've got to Him.

I feel so grateful to Him for giving me chances to know more friends. I was once scared that I wouldn't make more friends since I chose my school major and I was totally separated from my CIC besties. It is until this current semester I felt so scared of not getting any more friends, since Dona my cousin went back to Indo for good. But obviously, the ICYO choir practice is still held every week. It's only few weeks and I felt very comfortable in it. I know that God set this up for me, when my cousin left I don't have to be alone in this people's country (or should I say this people's village? lols).
I couldn't stop of keep saying thanks to God, hugh enourmous gigantic thanks to God for loving me so much. I want Him to keep me warm and safe until I become a real woman, married, and having children and when I raise my children. I believe He also loves you so much like you couldn't ever imagined and we should all give our hugh thanks to Him together and keep believing in Him, because He does every miracles and changes to your life :)
I love You God ♥

August 18, 2010

Mellow Wed..

It's Wednesday and cloudy in the morning, plus 2 tutorial classes in a row :S But my spirit never down, coz He still gives me the day to live on with all my families and friends here, hehe. It's the first class that I attended this whole week as I skipped my 8am class on monday :P
Anyway, I was walking around my campus after classes as I thought I just want a cheap lunch for me and I ended up in a small shop selling lunch boxes and fruits dessert.
As you can see there's the price on its sauce container haha. 3 of them for $6.00, not too bad I guess, compared to other super unreasonable expensive food in the cafetaria.
Soon after I arrived home, I decided to go to small market near my house to buy some veggies. I thought I just make dinner at 3pm because I won't be able to eat anything later since the choir concert starts at 7. Then I decided to make wholemeal penne with mushroom, red caps, and tuna (cooked with a little curry and chilli powder).
After the tuna was ready, I put them together, a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and bake them for 15 min in 180 degrees preheated oven.
How about your Wednesday? :)

August 15, 2010

Today's lunch

When I came to my piano tutor's house just to play around, she asked me to stay for a lunch because she cooked too many chicken and rice, so I said okay, that's great. She cooked butter sauced chicken at that time, and it tasted great. Different from many other butter sauced chicken that I've ever eaten so far. So I decided to try to cook one for myself using the leftover chicken breast fillet in my fridge.
And yes it tastes good (yayy!). Marinade the chicken with sweet soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper and lime juice overnight and put it in the fridge. For the butter sauce, add butter, soy sauce, garlic, chilli powder, pepper, and milk :) I also cooked buttered rice with frozen vegie and a little bit of fish balls to add taste.
And voila! Wanna join me for lunch today? :P

August 14, 2010

Favourite Brekkie

Almost every morning I have the same breakfast, which is 2 slices of wholemeal bread with either peanut butter or cheese and ham.
This morning I wanted to empty my fridge and do groceries shopping tomorrow so I put my leftover honey leg ham (97% fat free) with sliced cheese (97% fat free) and my favourite traditional wholemeal bread, which I forget the brand hehe. Put 97% fat free mayo as well on top.
Oh and it always accompanied by a glass of pull milk tea (teh tarik hehe) and voila, a lovely breakfast to fill up your tummy until lunch :)

August 13, 2010

Things I did when getting bored

I've been spending my time with some useless activities these few weeks, although it's already week 2 now *scream*.

~ Practising piano
I used to practice piano a lot when I get stressed or bored, but now I barely touch it, even I'm taking a piano lesson every week now. Omg, what you would want to be cindy? *plak plak*

~Browsing for recipes
I was crazy of new cooking recipes especially in dessert or cuisine. I learned a lot from mom when I was in Medan last holiday. Now, I consume wholemeal bread a lot, and oats due to laziness to cook since I live alone from a week ago.

~Read my textbook
Yes, this is what I did last year especially when it came with IS thingy. when I get to open my textbook, it is just like dreaming and everyone wouldn't believe me. lols

~Listen to iPod
Again, I used to listen to my favourite playlists of classical music or other genres in my iPod and never forgot to charge it every night. But yesterday when I found myself bored at the library waiting for classes, it didn't turned on and I know the battery would have died. *tabok lagi*

If only those things could remain until now, I wouldn't have spent my free time facebooking or twittering and posting such "boring" words there.
Anyway, was thinking to study yesterday but I ended up finishing my resume yayy! Would start applying for vacation or summer programs and just keep wishing to God for helps =)
Good luck to you all!