May 26, 2012

Spinning out the wheels.

I'm back in my blogging time again. And revived.

There are some bad news and good news coming to myself lately, and it's gonna be one of those tough times I can say.
Okay, so we start with the bad news. Unfortunately, I will need to repeat my IELTS test again. This is the consequences of looking down on things when you're supposed to concentrate and take it seriously.
Second one, I have been fined by Curtin parking. TWICE. This has been my very first fines I got in my whole experience driving in Perth. I was intending not to pay a ridiculous $95 parking permit for some reason. I only need to attend 2 days of classes for a week, and one of them is after hour. Who is to be blamed if the visitor paying machine only takes coins, and who the h*ll out there collecting coins in their purse anyway.

Okay, let's move on to the lucky news ones.
I just got a replacement for my lost old phone, and all I can say of it is AWESOME! I have a cute laptop I could carry around with me. Like seriously, ever since I got this baby I barely open and use my Mac for browsing and youtube-ing purposes.
Another one, I have finally finished my degree. Thank God so much for such blessing and guidance throughout the years of my study. It has been such amazing times working with my project team members, awesome people.

So, I guess the next step's not gonna be easy too, since I will start holding adult's responsibilities in the future...

Anyhowwww, meet my housemates! :D

(Left to right: Achid, Icel, Dita, Me )

Thanks for the support girls! You rocked up my days :D

April 8, 2012

What motivates more :)

I have experienced quite a reflection for myself lately. Here's the thing. Every so often I imagine if I can be like those busy working people, rushing down the street, catching buses or train back home after working all day at the office. How amazing it is if I can earn and save money, and use it for future plans, say travelling around Europe. I am often as well not grateful for what I have now, or have this thought of, if only I were born 4 years earlier it would have been easier to make decision to stay here in Oz permanently. However, reality never compromises and you just can't step back. But then one day, I was sitting in a train after getting back from work and there were lots of people squeezed in like sardines. It was 5:30pm, where other people just finished working too and absolutely was peak hours. I looked around, observing and wondering. I always have thought that God wanted to show me, although those cool looking office people seems to be able to suffice everything they want, does not mean that their life are without flaws. That train was also filled with people who seemed to be not as fortunate as the office looking people, and everything they wore were just simple cloth with hand-sewn patches. They seemed happy coming home after work, they were smiling, as if no burden bothered as ever. 

I wanted to share this thought because I guess we have quite similar point of view for our life. We worry too much about things in the future, as a matter of fact, we have not even completed our presents. Simply giving thanks to God each morning that I still can eat fancy food, roof to live under, and amazing people around me; what makes it be more perfect? :) 

April 5, 2012

Moore and Moore, Fremantle.

Days have been very busy for no reason and I barely visit blogger for almost a month. So happy that I found quite a few updates from my friends' blog, which then inspire and encourage me to update mine too hohoho.

About a month ago, we visited Moore and Moore in Freo with couple of lovely friends I have here. It had been the first time we caught up together since long ages ago. The vintage furnishing and ambience  totally made the day!

Most recommended sweet breakfast! 

Will be definitely going back here again someday :)

Rating: 8/10


March 9, 2012

I have been replaying awesome videos and playlist on my iTunes whenever I feel a bit down or lonely and it helps me so much to unravel those strengths I thought I never had.

March 7, 2012

Notes to myself.

Sometimes I wish I could run to far away places, where there are a bunch of people whom I don't know, start new conversations and find the likeliness we can share. It's just like a whole world that is new, where you can start with anything you've ever wished to be. Having separated-over-continents families just makes it so hard to stay on the steady pace. I'm scared of being alone all this time. Well, it's not that particular 'alone' as often described as not having bf or anything. It's about being all by yourself where you are in this particular country, study, live, struggling hard to fulfil your daily need, economize on everything. I'm afraid that the time nearly comes, where I have to find a job and you would not want your parents to support your living anymore. 

Seeking comfort to myself, which I thought I've been so stupid thinking of it over and over again, even bring it to my dreams at night. Being honest to my feeling just does not help, just pretend that I am being honest. Even if you can't get over it, just tell yourself you are. You have to accept the truth, and someday you might understand and everything starts to make sense. Maybe I will just keep you in my prayer every night, wishing you are well, and let God decides. Because it is a very nice and warm feeling when I can talk about you as long as I like, only to God, every night. That is the only way to keep you safe, and I know you will be alright in His hands. 

Every so often too, I felt like I need to hide, from the reality. How you see other people's life is better and start comparing it to yours. Trying to be strong is indeed a very difficult task to do. Easily saying, but when you have reached the peak of your strongest, sometimes you still find it so horribly hard and start raining down your face with tears overnight, but thanks to God that He makes us smile again the next morning. The cycle keeps going on and it is driven back to the so-called waiting. I'm still here, being better and stronger, renewed. It is the leap of faith that keeps me standing in this solid ground, waiting someone to pick me up, waiting for the result of hard works that I've been putting during these years, waiting to be able to be with my beloved family again. To summarise, it is to get a better life, the improved one, only from God :)

February 24, 2012

Surviving the long holiday.

I spent the whole holidays doing nothing particularly useful. This really happens, where I stay at home alone while waiting my housemates come home from their work and amazingly I survive until now!

So one day I had this crappy thought of recording one of my most favourite piano pieces based on the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, which is one of my most favourite movies at all times too hohoho. So please enjoy and pardon my amateurism in it.

Oh and by the way, the title is Dawn by Dario Marianelli :D Have a great weekend peeps!

January 31, 2012

Hear, pray, and seize.

Have you ever been in a situation where it felt so right at the beginning, but it turned out to be very out of your expectation? 


The phrase above is the highlight of my post today. It seems to us that we're likely getting certain situations under our control. 

We tend to estimate that we likely achieve what we've expected, because we are pretty sure that we have nailed all those obstacles along our way. However, those expectation obviously turned out to be your biggest disappointment, and you began to questioning God and start to doubting His power. 

It happened in our lives, where we thought God was providing the way and He opened every obstacle that got in the way to it. But unfortunately, we got it all wrong and we kept ourselves down, running away from reality.

It may not be the good answer for 'us', but it might be the best way according to 'Him'. Sometimes we wish and pray for the outcome that 'we' want, but we do not open chances for God to actually shows how He wants it to be. 

To straighten this up, we might want to consider of adding up something to our prayer, perhaps:

"Oh Lord, please give me strength for whatever the answer would be. If what I wish is not according to Your want, please teach me to accept it and never give up on You. Help me to become stronger, and show me the way that You want me to do."

Let's open up our heart, keep praying, and ask for His enlightenment. Sometimes God is being very nice that He might confers what is called miracle :)

January 29, 2012

New look.

Gooday peeps!

Just presented a new look for my bloggie, because it's new year. Does not seem like a reason indeed, but I just felt somehow the previous theme was so girlish and pretty. I did confess that I created it, though, but as the new year begins I feel more mature in quite certain areas. Ehm.

* For the first time in 2012, I become very organised in my laundry. It did happen today, as I just came back to Perth not more than a week. But it feels so good, your room does have space. I always thought my room was very small, could not even do spreadeagle on the floor. Hopefully this will keep going on every week throughout the year.

* Besides the laundry, I did some plans on weekly cooking, listing down the ingredients and go for the grocery. I found another winning method on spending my money wisely, instead of going crazy buying things, then you forgot that you've ever bought that until you found them as strangers, mouldy look.

* One more of a major improvement, is that I'm having my breakfast every morning. I used to have breakfast once or twice a week (That is why I've been told by one lecturer that I looked like a zombie every time I came to her tutorial. She guessed that I never had breakfast in the morning, and yes she got it right. Seriously, her class started at 8 am for the whole winter and I thank God I could wake up at 6:30 and caught bus on heavy rains and arrived on-time).

So, I do believe that if the Chinese says this year brings prosperity and good things, according to the animal sign of Dragon. I just wish those more improvement lists of mine can be shared here later on and not just stuck on this post for forever!

What about yours? :D

January 13, 2012

It's somewhat the beginning of good things.

Hohoho this is exactly my very first post in 2012.

Nothing much updates in the beginning of the year, except that I'm currently off from Perth, having my holiday back home.
I'm not going to list any resolutions this year, as what I have listed last year didn't work much as I've expected. So, to begin this year I will just say that hard work is all what I have to work out now.

I'll soon to be graduating in less than 6 months, which twists my feeling whether I should feel happy, or sad, or scared. I keep asking myself pertinent questions whether I could get through this or not. Some side of me said I'm competent enough to do it, you've done your best in your uni stuff, but some side of myself said conflicting matter, as like you haven't been there yet, or adult's life is entirely perplex. Oh well, I really need to try my best this time, trying hard to cover the bad-thought-side of me.

And I'm currently in Indonesia, having my best precious time with my lovelies for only a short amount of time, apparently. But I guess I have to get use to the way of how you yearn for holidays much once you've get employed after graduation. I have a feeling that this year would turn everything just finer than last year. Hope you have this kind of feeling, too, and never give up on every single faith you have :)

To start this year, let's work hard and be inspired with one of the Eastern States of Australia, so-called Sydney. I wish I could move in there and get settled someday :D

Taken at Manly Beach.