April 8, 2012

What motivates more :)

I have experienced quite a reflection for myself lately. Here's the thing. Every so often I imagine if I can be like those busy working people, rushing down the street, catching buses or train back home after working all day at the office. How amazing it is if I can earn and save money, and use it for future plans, say travelling around Europe. I am often as well not grateful for what I have now, or have this thought of, if only I were born 4 years earlier it would have been easier to make decision to stay here in Oz permanently. However, reality never compromises and you just can't step back. But then one day, I was sitting in a train after getting back from work and there were lots of people squeezed in like sardines. It was 5:30pm, where other people just finished working too and absolutely was peak hours. I looked around, observing and wondering. I always have thought that God wanted to show me, although those cool looking office people seems to be able to suffice everything they want, does not mean that their life are without flaws. That train was also filled with people who seemed to be not as fortunate as the office looking people, and everything they wore were just simple cloth with hand-sewn patches. They seemed happy coming home after work, they were smiling, as if no burden bothered as ever. 

I wanted to share this thought because I guess we have quite similar point of view for our life. We worry too much about things in the future, as a matter of fact, we have not even completed our presents. Simply giving thanks to God each morning that I still can eat fancy food, roof to live under, and amazing people around me; what makes it be more perfect? :) 


  1. I want to be born 4 years later.. feel old now lol :(

    anyway - good reflection. just give the best of you to the world now - because every second counts and there is nothing to waste :)

    the happiness comes from the effort you put in to whatever you're doing ^_^

  2. Hey, sorry I just read your comment now lols! Never come to visit my blog since ages ago.
    Thanks btw! :D