December 31, 2010

31 December.

Too many things happened in 2010. I laughed hard, I smiled, I cried so hard, I tried and failed, I did the best but came out unexpected.
But overall, it has been an extraordinary, most precious gifts for me to learn that I must not give up every single thing that I've built. Family, friends, people, they are sent to you from God, for either you learn from them or they'll be with you till the end. What I've been through these thorough months, probably the hardest, most hurting, yet the sweetest thing I can endure at the end.
What I wish for new year? Better in every aspects, commit to what I started, improve the intimate relationship that I've built to God, try harder in anything, and live like there's no tomorrow. Hope and belief would probably me. I always, truly hope for everything the best to happen in 2011.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Be tough, strong, and have faith. 
Sincere love,


December 25, 2010

Ngafe di hari natal.

Gue sedang terduduk di tempat tidur dengan laptop di paha. Tab-tab facebook, twitter, dan website-website lainnya terpampang, tapi teteeepp aja bosan dan nggak pernah berhenti bosan.
Padahal malem ini masi hari natal dan seharusnya seneng-seneng atau kongko-kongko bareng mama dibawah. 
Lalu gue iseng baca-baca Cafe, si majalah rohani. Sampai mata gue tertuju pada kalimat-kalimat kecil yang kadang suka ada tuh dibawah bacaan sabdanya. 
Bunyinya kira-kira begini:

"Keluarga telah ditetapkan Allah sebagai 'persekutuan mesra kehidupan dan cinta kasih'. 
Maka keluarga mengemban misi untuk makin mencapai jatidirinya;
 yakni suatu persekutuan kehidupan dan cinta kasih"

Lalu gue mulai mikir. Ternyata peran keluarga itu besar dan penting. Semua-semuanya harus dilandasin asas cinta kasih (kayak asas-asas PPKN). 
Apa artinya semuanya harus berdasarkan cinta kasih? 

Setelah gue berpikir keras, muncul berbagai dugaan gue tentang kalimat-kalimat diatas. 
Gue sadar, gue punya orang tua yang luar biasa. Walaupun si papah termasuk orang yang tergalak dunia kategori marah-marah, strict, tapi dia masih punya kasih. 
Terkadang gue suka melawan kalo dia ngelarang gue ngapa-ngapain, tapi gue ngga pernah ngelawan kalo memang gue salah. Alhasil setelah gue bales segala ocehan-ocehannya, dia sadar kalo dia berlebihan dan segera baik-baikin gue lagi (karna beliau paling amat teramat suramat sebel to the max kalo gue lagi ngambekin beliau haha, maap yah Pa, sayang Papa kok! :D).

Kembali ke laptop. 
Jadi gue ngerasa, segalak-galaknya ortu sama kita, mereka masih punya hati kecil yang pasti bikin mereka nggak tenang kalo suka marah-marah nggak beralesan. At last, mereka pasti disadarin lagi sama hati kecil itu untuk mengasihi dan ngertiin kemauan anak-anaknya. Dengan begitu kita juga nggak melanggar hukum Tuhan yang tentang "Taatilah Ibu Bapamu"(btw buat yang ini terms and condition apply. Cuman kalo kita benar.)

Si Mamah mungkin peranan yang paling gue kagumin. Beliau ngajarin gue untuk tetep respect sama si Papah, nggak peduli segalak apa beliau barusan #mukamerahmatamerahberurat-urat. Mamah selalu mau ngedukung gue kalo gue bener, tapi tetep Mamah suruh gue yang tanggung jawab ke Papah. Mamah tetep kasi masukan dan semangat, dan cara-cara jitu melunakkan hati Papah. Dan yang paling gue cinta dari Mamah, beliau selalu ngingetin gue buat berdoa dan berdoa dan berdoa. Obat yang paling manjur dari segala-galanya. Tetep berpengharapan penuh, karena nggak ada yang mustahil bagi Tuhan.

Begini kesimpulan yang gue tarik dari kalimat kecil Cafe diatas dan relasi dengan kehidupan gue. 
Cinta kasih dalam keluarga itu adalah, saling mendukung, saling mengerti, saling membantu, saling menyemangati, dan saling membuka hati dan pikiran dari semua anggota keluarga, dan saling percaya. Yang terakhir adalah yang paling penting. Gue tau ortu selalu percaya sama gue, dan itu yang gue syukurin sama Tuhan. Apapun pilihan gue, sekolah kek, pacar kek, mereka selalu ngedukung dan ngajarin gue buat hargain semua orang. 
Dari cinta kasih keluarga, otomatis orang-orang luar, temen-temen, dll pasti juga ada cinta kasih karena udah berakar dan dibina dalem lingkungan keluarga.

Iyak! Begitulah analisa gue stelah mikir panjang jungkir balik ngemil dan lain-lain. Sekian.
(Untuk contoh konkrit, kembali gue promosiin tuh film yang ada di dua post sebelum ini).

Happy Christmas everyone! Be blessed :)

December 19, 2010

4th Week of Advent: Joy.

It's the fourth week of Advent period.
A bible quote from today's homily:

Psalm 62:5
"Only -- for God, be silent, O my soul, For from Him is my hope." 

It's simple enough to remind me to always joy and forget everything that matters before Christmas and listing New Year's resolutions and stick to them. 

Happy 6 days to Christmas! :)

December 15, 2010

Gochean Ave.

Kinda miss my room window view in Perth every morning. 

(hihihi ada mobil Wenwen)

Kangen Wenwen, Acid, dan Dita juga!

Salam xoxo,

December 14, 2010

Love's Unending Legacy.

Been sitting on my couch all day, clicking the remote control, searching for good movies to kill time. Then I stopped at Fox Family Movies channel.
It showed The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice at 12 pm. A film about a figure skating partner who fight together with their totally not one another personality, for which it can be said as a dog and a cat.
But at the end, they fall in love each other, manage to top their performance on ice and get the gold.

Another movie showed afterwards, and it's titled Love's Unending Legacy.
This probably be on my number one favourite movie of the month. It's a christianity-related movie, about a small family, a single mother with a 6 year-old child.
When she was about to go to the city, she stopped in front of the church, when there was an orphan adoption selection for the citizen in that village. She didn't intend to adopt one at first, but her heart told her to pick one little girl who was being left by another. She was 10 years old. Her brother had been taken by a family, who were heartless, beating him, and forcing him to work.

This little girl was a bit stubborn, and disliked the kind hearted woman who adopted her. But this woman kept giving her heart and love to her. The woman's biological boy was cute, and helped this girl although she acted uncooperative.
One day the little girl got busted, sneaking out the house at midnight and obviously she visited her brother and gave him food everyday. Knowing that, the woman decided to pick her brother to live with them, and kept him away from the cold hearted family.

They were involved in some matters that didn't allow them to take the boy from the family. This promised little girl decided to run away together with her brother. A sheriff from the town, who fell in love with the kind woman searched the entire place for the two siblings. It was midnight and stormy rain. He was almost desperate and he decided to pray to God, asking for a path that can lead him to the siblings. Right after that, he heard a voice from the little brother of the girl and he found them. He took them and brought them home to the woman's house, and the little brother was allowed to stay and under adoption of the kind woman.

This film surely teaches how to love, share, and have faith in God. Although the woman was very simple, didn't have much money, live in a minimum condition, she still accepted the little girl and give place and food for her to live. Not to mention, she offered the little girl a new warm family, together with her mother and father who love the woman and her kids.
She also learned how to let go, but still keep the feeling for his husband (who was already died) deep in her heart, and let her feeling grow towards another person who deserves her heart.

The story was a happy ending. She married the sheriff and lived with the 3 kids.

Bored at home during this Christmas holiday? Perhaps you could visit the DVD rental shop and look for this film :)
Happy watching!

December 12, 2010

Evening desert.

Mom didn't cook today for the reason of eating too much (kuli style) during these 2 days. Damn lazy to clean the rice and even to switch on the rice cooker.
I opened the freezer and found some treasures. Mom kept a dozen of soups that my Aunt brought from Holland last time.

My dinner came out to be Wholemeal Groente (Veggie) Soup hihihi.

Told you before that I just bought custard powder and some other cooking stuff. I tried to make a Chocolate Pudding with Fruit Custard Sauce.

Putting tons of cocoa powder to make it a bit bitter and a tablespoon of Jamaican Rum to the custard.

Currently browsing for more recipes from Nigella Lawson's website, one of my favourite cooks :) I'm thinking of baking some cookies for Christmas, hope it turns well.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and God bless!

Mid day dream.

Just got multiple random thoughts.
Worrisome for uni's results in 3 days. Please, be nice to me. This might not be the best semester, or should I say just 'okay', due to some stories I've told you in the previous post about how great my group mates are, for not submitting the big project or plagiarised things from wikis.

Another thought goes for the future. But hey, this is simply weird.
I keep thinking of what ingredients should I get from the supermarket to bake bread or cookies. The weird thing is this. I was kinda like dejavu to the future (don't know what exact words to describe this), imagining as if I were a mom, who has 3 kids, err say 2. Supermarket would be my favourite spot to hang around with my kids. My mind goes of what I should make for lunch and dinner for my future husband. I think so often about it currently, indeed.
Just like today, been hanging around with mums and paps to a big supermarket here, just like Coles and Woolies. I spent 45 minutes in the ingredients rack, whilst they browsed for soaps, shampoos, or detergents stuff. I came to them with eggs, flours, custard, milk, and cooking chocolate on my hands. What am I going to make next? Well, still a blur. But at least I got the core ingredients :P

Anywho, the last thought goes to how concern I am in my daily intake of food.
I've achieved the size that I desired of my body, and no more gain please. 3 kg is enough.

Currently excited for Jakarta! Yes, I finally succeed to make mumsie booked the tickets. Just the two of us.
And finally got a seat on SQ 225 flight back to Perth. Oh yieeyy! Got excited for no reason on travelling thingy. Perhaps the part of seeing the flight schedule board, or take off, or pushing the luggage trolley make the excitement? Not sure, but indeed, I love to fly :)

Song of the day: This Christmas - Jack & Rai.

Happy 13 days to Christmas!

December 10, 2010

New wish list.

Was browsing some smartphones which exist and currently booming in the worldwide industry nowadays, and I found Android phones quite fascinate me.
I was crazy with iPhone 4 before (well, I am still in love with Apple products), but this Google Nexus S has stolen my attention :D

Quite impressive, isn't it? 
Yosh, let's start browsing for jobs!

December 9, 2010

Liburan musim panas 2.

Liburan dilanjut dengan mulai dari ngikut mama dalam pelayanan komunitasnya, sampai berlatih musik di rumah. Ikut pelayanan mama lumayan seru walaupun isinya mamak-mamak above 50 hahaha.
Gw berlatih musik buat ujian piano tingkat terakhir, dan perjuangan terakhir seorang murid piano *belum diitung tingkat diploma dan tingkat-tingkat lain yang pastinya gw udah nyerah*

Selalu puyeng sama yang namanya mas Bach. Gw nggak suka lagu yang notnya rame-rame dan tumpang tindih :S

Habis latihan klasik, gw selalu nyoba menghafal chord-chord keyboard dari buku yang baru gw beli judulnya "Kamus Akor Keyboard" yang berisi 600 variasi chord, which is lebih ke kamus daripada buku buat belajar hahaha.
Pengennya bisa ngiringin buat choir, itung-itung pelayanan buat Tuhan juga :D

Anywho, kali ini gw nyobain bikin Chocolate Chip Pancake. 

Mohon maap bentuknya rada kaya bakwan ya, tapi rasanya enyaak! Hihihi.

How is your holiday so far? :)

December 6, 2010

Baking-baking time.

Sakin ngga ada kerjaannya di rumah gw kumpulin semua resep yang pernah gw isengin catet dari internet sewaktu di Oz.
Mohon maap kalo kue pertama temanya pisang lagi dan lagi karna gw nggak bisa hidup tanpa pisang hehe. #lebay

Gw kasi nama Banana and Choc Chip Muffin.
Secara pisang di Indo ngga segede pisang-pisang Oz yang ukuran jumbo, gw sampe pake 5 pisang baru kerasa. Tapi enak juga, syenang!

Hari ini gw bikin 2 macem. Brownies dan risoles.
Peanut Butter Brownies.
Dapet resep dari tapi resep mama jauh lebih enak. Si mama baru ngasi resepnya waktu udah dibake. Still edible but too much sugar :(

Yang terakhir adalah Risoles, makanan khas nenek moyang gw. Resep mama memang juara dan ngga bisa ditemuin risol enak yang kaya mama dimana-mana hihihi.
Yang bikin risol ini beda, adalah campuran susu dan jamur. Isinya jadi lebih creamy kaya pasta :P

Sekian buat hari ini :)
Keep the spirit for the week ahead and God bless!

December 5, 2010

Liburan musim panas.

Udah seminggu di Medan, kampung halaman tercinta. Herannya kenapa pulang kali ini nggak begitu menarik dan se-eksaited tahun lalu pas masi CIC (secara gue masi baru dan beranggapan Perth itu super bosan dan sepi). Tapi ternyata semakin lama gue jadi cinta Perth. Hanya dalem setahun. Salah satu alasan mungkin karena ICYO dan kegiatannya yang bikin gue super betah hehehe. *kangen ICYO bak pacar seperti kata Mas Evan T.B.*

Anywho, gue bete to the max.
Setelah tiap hari mantengin website Garuda Indonesia buat tiket ke Jakarta kalo-kalo harga tiket masi murah, dan akhirnya udah naik tapi masi belum kebeli. Malahan bokap bilang nggak usah pergi dulu.
*Papa tersayang, aku pengin liburan plis! Aku aja yang terbang sendiriiii* Dan sampe skarang tiket masi belum kebeli. #bencai #emosai

Moreover, kegiatan liburan hanya dipenuhi dengan
* online 24 jam dengan internet yang super tetot dari Speedy.
* makan
* tidur
* latihan scale piano
* bikin kue
* niru-niru The Wandering Kind-nya mas Josh Groban di piano
* ngomel-ngomel kepanasan, suntuk, sepi, bosen
* bikin long list makanan Medan
* nyoba-nyoba ngedit foto di photoshop
* mantengin website kerjaan
* dan hal random lain-lainnya

Ya Tuhan, mohon maap saya nggak produktif banget dan hanya bisa mengeluh saja. 

Last but not least, gue suka banget ini lagu. Boleh coba didengerin :)

Gue sedang dalam masa gempar-gemparnya bikin kue. The next post mungkin akan berisi makanan lagi :)

December 3, 2010

Mom's Painting

These are few of my favourite paintings of Momsy.

My birthday present 2 years ago, hanging on my wall room :) 

 Loving the bluey eye of the Jesus portrait. He watches you from the entire room.

The Mother of Dolorosa. 

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.

Semuanya agak berbau rohani ya hahaha. Masih banyak landscape yang lain sih, tapi gue lebih kagum sama portrait-portrait dan lipatan-lipatan kain yang dilukis.

Enjoy holiday peeps!

December 2, 2010

Terima Kasih Tuhan

Terkadang gue bencikk sama diri sendiri, kenapa bisa terlalu lemah.
Kenapa nggak bisa tetep optimis sama hidup.
Kenapa terlalu banyak yang dipikirin dan suka mikir terlalu lebai.

Masalah-masalah dateng tepat selama semester ini. Jreng jreng. Nggak nanggung-nanggung semuanya. Mulai dari masalah group mate assignment yang mengancam kelulusan, sampai masalah lain yang nggak bisa disebutkan. Nggak keitung lagi berapa kali nangis sampe air mata udah kering dalam seminggu.

Untungnya masalah sekolah udah berakhir dan ini berkat *boleh gue bilang mukjijat nyata* dari Tuhan. Gue lagi duduk-duduk di Changi airport nunggu flight pulang dan tiba-tiba gue ngecek email dan gue dapet 0 buat projek gue. Betapa gue ngerasa hati gue remuk dan nggak ada masa depan lagi. Sambil nangis gue telepon nyokap dan dia cuman bilang "Yasudah gapapa, kamu udah berusaha kan yang penting? Yuk kita berdoa sama-sama skarang juga dan tetep yakin kamu lulus." Jawaban yang super simpel dan bikin gue kesel karna gue tau gue udah failed.
Tapi kuasa Tuhan itu besar ya, gue semaleman ngumpulin bahan assignment dengan bantuan Edward (tengkiu Wardoy bantuannya!), dan selesai jam 3 subuh langsung disubmit. Besok siangnya dapet email kalo tugas gue diapproved dan gue LULUS. Ngga pernah berenti gue mengucap syukur buat ini sama Tuhan, ternyata Tuhan masi sayang banget sama gue.
*thanks momski, for being my spiritual teacher and having faith in me. Sayang mamaa!*

Untuk masalah yang satu..
Gue ngga tau apa memang udah berakhir sampai disini. Atau memang mungkin sudah. Memang gue sempet down dan masi sampai sekarang. Tapi gue tetep seneng dan bersyukur.
I still have the feeling but I don't expect anything to happen.
I always pray and never stop praying and hoping the best. I hope you do too.

November 27, 2010


Random Google photos.

Should I be excited?

November 21, 2010

1st attempt: Banana Bread

Just successfully baked a banana bread :D
Well, since we got limited baking trays at home, I guess muffin tray will do.
- 4 bananas
- self raising flour
- 1 egg
- 3 tbs melted butter
- 1 cup of milk
- caster sugar

Mix them all with a mixer and voila :) bake in a 160 C around 40 minutes.
Totally love it! Serve with ice cream, nutella, or chocolate spread :)

End of The 2nd Year

Exams were over, I wish the best for the results and just wanna say Congratulations! to the fresh bachelorettes soon-to-be Eveline and Indah :')

There will be a farewell for Odri in just a count of fingers, which would definitely, most probably makes my tears run down.
Couldn't say anything seeing the packed goods and things, except for my only prayer that goes along with her.

Another lesson to let me grow better and stay strong. Life is not as simple as fairy tales.
Although it's hard to struggle, sometimes we need to let it go.
I've done my best and I have no regrets at all :)

November 15, 2010

Tuhan Pasti Mampu.

Walaupun motivasi hampir hilang...
Pikiran bercabang-cabang mikirin yang lain padahal besok exam.

Kita masi punya Tuhan yang selalu setia, sayang, dan peduli :)

ps: good luck buat semua yang exam, dan semua yang kerja. Semoga selalu lancar dan semangat nggak kendor :)

November 12, 2010

  • Night stars
  • iPhone
  • Table lamp
  • Christmas playlists
  • Snacks
  • Holy bible
Would be my best buddies for studying :)

November 10, 2010

My staple diet during October

Haven't cooked a proper meal since assignments forced me to stay in front of the computer. So I just took out the leftover ingredients I had: frozen veggies, spam, spinach, Heinz shredded chicken, oatmeal, and soup.
Chicken and corn oatmeal with toast and parmesan.
Apple and sultana oatmeal with banana and maple syrup.
Nasi campur aduk dengan dada ayam Heinz.
Brokolli rebus dengan baked beans dan spam.
Nasi campur aduk lagi dengan spinach dan spam dan veggie lainnya.
Fettucini dengan ayam dan sisa spam dengan frozen veggie.

Assignments period has over, now final exams period has taken control. But will try to bake some cakes later and see how it turns out :)
Good luck on your studies peeps! God be with you.

November 9, 2010

Short post

Iyaakk sudah sekian lama nggak update dikarenakan assignment tetot setetot-tetotnya dan baru kelar kemarin. Just randomly visited my blog and decided to do a little make over hehe. Not really interesting though, but I just found that title pretty match my intention of why I created a blog for the first time. Eniwei, nothing much for now. Need to get back to the hugh stack of lecture notes and fill them in my head.
Tha tha for now :)

October 30, 2010

Midnight random

I scrolled down my twitter timeline and found some tweets from ihatequote, for which they sometimes represent what I've been feeling but I almost never have thought of them.

"Sometimes the only thing that people see is what you did. When in fact, they should be looking at why you did it."
Mira Mirasol

"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side."

"God gives us eyes to see, hearts to love, and hands to hold them when they need us."

"Love includes forgiveness, and forgiveness requires letting go of the past."
Joyce Meyer

"How big people's respect for you is determined by how good you understand and how well you treat them."

"Being in love, rather than giving/taking; it's the only thing that provides stability of affection, attention, and appreciation."

"The most important decisions you make are not the things you do, but the things you decide not to do."
Steve Jobs

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close inside."
Kay Knudsen

"No matter how big your mistake was, let people know how much you've learnt and how proud you're of yourself now."

I've just felt depressed a moment ago, thinking about how scared I am to face the assignments which I thought it's out of my ability. I'm afraid of being fall behind from the others.
But then I realize I still have God who never leaves me. Who always helps me whenever I'm down.

And just wanna say thanks to someone for encouraging me :)

Yosh, need to get back to work. Good night peeps!
Wish everyone best luck in everything they are working out right now :)

October 22, 2010

Fully loaded.

Will be sitting an IELTS test in not more than 48 hours. Less than 24 hours to the speaking test section. OEMJI.
Thank God one assignment has been accomplished before it's due tomorrow. I can't breathe or think of having fun before the IELTS is completed. Gaaarrghhh. My brain ran out of battery. Three more assignments due after the IELTS, and followed by final exams. I desperately need holiday. Not to mention that there would be 2 exams in a day during final. Fed up with my tutor (the worst literature review mark I've ever received from him in my entire life).

Thinking of negative things such as the above only makes me, or even makes us fall into a deeper hole of depression, stress, and failure. I used to consider things like the above so complicated. But hey, there was something inside me that told me to just enjoy life. Enjoy the busyness, the stressful, the dreadful, the horrible assignments that I'm gonna face ahead. It reminds me again of how we don't walk and live alone in this world. I still have friends that definitely go through the same things as me. Yes, we have to gain spirit to get going with these stuff together.

Oh well, please note *I was practising for writing section for the IELTS when I wrote this post* Please pardon for any unclear or unrelated issues within.

Eniweiiii, forget about assignments and IELTS stuff for now. I'm arranging a schedule of what to do after this misery ends, which is the best part of pre-summer holiday :D

* Watching Beethoven's Symphony no.9, presented by WASO!
I was like, "Symphony sucks. Especially by Beethoven, I'll definitely fall asleep as soon as the music starts". Nonetheless, the music is pretty cool, ended with the Ode to Joy theme which is best known today. Excited!

* Making destination lists during Singapore transit.
I definitely have to get the popular Nasi Lemak. And expectantly, I get the chance to watch Jack & Rai live performance :)

* Making shopping spree in Jakarta.
It's been 3 years since the last visit to Jakarta. Kinda miss Donceeee, and needs to catch up with other ICYO friends in Jakarta. Yieeeyyyy!

Alright, need to go to bed now. Wish me luck for tomorrow's interview!
St. Joseph of Cupertino, please pray for us :)

October 19, 2010


After the long wait to have a chance to taste just a little piece of macaroon, I finally got 6 of them during window shopping at city today. Yieeyyy. Fell in love with the colours for the first time I saw them in 6 different varieties and I just bought all of them in each taste.
I'm not sure where the shop was, but it seemed to be at Kings Street hehe.
from left to right: blueberry white chocolate, lemon, pistachio, caramel, strawberry, chocolate.

Just had a try on the chocolate and blueberry ones and yes, they taste really great. Crunchy outside, chewy and gooey in the inside :D
Have a stressful assignment or test ahead? Have a little taste of macaroons and your brain would work double since they are very sweet (hati-hati kelebihan gula dan menjadi aktif).


October 18, 2010

Mood tetot tapi seneng.

Hari Senin. Saya telat.

Kelas 1: 8am lecture
Udah bangun dari jam 6 pagi sampe 6.30. Habis itu tidur-tiduran dan kemulan dibawah selimut sampe ketiduran 15 menit dan alarm bunyi lagi jam 6.45. Gw snooze sampe bangun jam 7. Udah kebiasaan ga pernah tau jadwal bus di rumah lama, secara dari rumah lama tinggal ngesot udah nyampe ke bes stop.

Kelas 2: 1pm lab
Habis kepanasan jalan kaki pulang dari lecture, keasikan duduk-duduk di sofa *sofa disini bener-bener enak buat nyantai*. Sambil upload-upload foto dan akhirnya lupa waktu, sampe ngeliat jam udah pukul 12.35. Oemji untuk kedua kalinya telat lagi. Dan cobaan untuk jalan dibawah panas yang mega super duper terik dengan buku yang tebal harus dilewati lagi.

Akhirnya sampai di rumah dengan lemas en berkeringet. Tapii, senengnya perasaan waktu habis grocery shopping. Dengan segala cemilan dan makanan-makanan yang bakal gw abisin dalam waktu deket, mood malas kembali senang dan bersemangat lagi :D
Kaya cemilan semua ya kliatannya haha, tapi itu baru stengahnya kok. Belanja sayur, buah, dan daging akan dilaksanakan bsok. Eniweiii, gw pengin beli tempat roti baru since yang lama udah hilang entah kmana. Rupa-rupanya gw nemu sandwich bag yang super kiyutt, secara gw masi demen sama yang namanya elmo dan kawan-kawan.
Yieeyy dapet stickernya juga didalemnya :D *plak plak inget Sindi kamu udah umur berapa*.
Baiklah, sekian dulu untuk hari ini. Maap postnya rada tetot hari ini dikarenakan hari ini saya bener-bener tetot sampe bisa telat masuk kelas.

Have a great Monday, peeps! :)

October 12, 2010


It's been a while since the ICYO Retreat has ended. What an extraordinary experience I got for only 3 days, but yes, it changed me a lot. Big applause for the committees! You guys are awesome :) Never stop to keep saying thank you to God, for merging us all together and let us learn and keep believe in Him.

I just wanna say thanks to all of my friends, for keeping me busy and forgetting all my problems these few weeks.

For my very best friend "A" : Thanks for everything after what we'd gone through these 3.5 years. You know I won't put you away from my memory, you are the very first person I've been very deeply in love with. But I guess we can't make it to the very end. I'm sorry and please be yourself again, be the old you with all your jokes and coolness.

This post would be all about gratefulness. I can live alone and move on until now, all because of people around me right now. Huge thanks to ICYO for letting me to open my mind and learn more about friendship. Thanks to 'mamah' for keeping me strong hehe.

Thanks to everyone, I don't want to lose any of you :')

October 4, 2010


Saya resmi sembuh hari ini :) Cuman suara masi bindeng kaya bebek, plus batuk yang hampir reda hehe. Senangnya bisa sehat lagi, walaupun kemarin sempet takut sakit kambuh lagi. Buat yang masi sakit, gw doain biar sembuh sesembuh2nya :) Banyak makan buah, terutama jeruk, vitamin C, dan minum banyak air buat penurun demam.

Pikiran random malam ini: lagi2 tentang masa depan, walaupun gw masi ada 1 taon lagi waktu buat kuliah. Tapi khawatir untuk dapet pekerjaan dari skarang. Khawatir terus untuk takut ngejalanin semuanya sendirian, struggling sendirian. Semoga gw bisa dapet support atau dukungan dari seseorang untuk terus maju, juga waktu gw ksusahan sama mata kuliah gw yang minim banget :(

Tapi gw tetep yakin sama Tuhan, bakal dikasi kemudahan hehehe.
Hiyak, 4 hari lagi menuju retret, wishing a full speedy recovery for everyone. Tetap semangat skolah dan bekerja :)

October 3, 2010

End of the unproductive days

Yes, today is the last day of week break. I've been unproductively spending my times accompanied by flu and fever. Thanks to you guys for making my day bright and told me abandon my assignments. Omg, I really need help in my studies for I have played around and spent so little time for my studies during midnight :( well I'm struggling hard and trying all my best into it, and of course study is always my top priority *remembering how I loved to study BIS 100 in CIC last year, in which that spirit had vanished since I entered uni :'(*

Plan for the next whole week? Study, attend all labs and lectures, start doing the assignments (this is a total must). And I'm really looking forward to the retreat this Friday, yeah, it's this Friday *excited*. I'm also making a written promise to myself here to keep practicing music starting tomorrow, and keep doing productive and useful things for me and for others. Just like my friend Eli wrote in her blog, keep doing things with love :)

Just had my hair cut yesterday, thanks to Indah and Vita for accompanied me and patiently waited for me :')
And oh, just moved to the new venue and stayed with my 2 lovely housemates Wen2 and Odri :D let's rule and take care of the house together hihi.

It's nearly midnight, gotta back to my studies. Hopefully these loyal friends of mine would go away tomorrow, no more cough or fever pleaseeeee!
Enjoy your day peeps, I know it's Monday tomorrow :( but don't let your spirit down hehe.

God be with you :)

September 29, 2010


Tenggorokan sakit, demam, dan badan meriang :( penginnya tidur seharian di rumah, tapi mikirin harus pindahan dan belajar buat segala ketinggalan2 di uni. Untung ada njes dan adnan yang bantuin pindahan, makasiih ya! :D Bangun pagi ini teringet masi ada meja belajar, rak buku, dan piano yang masi harus dipindahin.
Udah minum obat batuk tapi masi berasa lemes dan rasanya malah makin demam. Huaaaaa :'(
Nafsu makan juga ga ada, walaupun lagi ngidem kebab curtin tapi ngebayangin makannya kok cape ya? Haha.
Kangen mama dan pengen banget rasanya manja2 di saat sakit.
Semoga bisa sembuh hari ini, dan buat yang lain yang sedang sakit juga :)

September 27, 2010

Saturday ceria

The very first time I enjoyed the whole Saturday without worrying about work :P Well, my sister came to visit Perth from Kal last Friday with his bf. They decided to visit Subi and Freo, and asked me to come along. Note: sister ---> cashier. Then I gladly caught the train straight away to city. We had fun doing shopping at Freo, browsed for cheap-cute-unique stuff.

It was 3pm already and we had lunch at a place called Joe's Fish Shack at the harbour, next to Cicerello and Kaili's. Again, note: free lunch.
Chilli mussels
A-very-mucho delicious chilli mussels in Freo. Rich in taste and way better compared to Cicerello's or Kaili's.

Calamari Platter
Again, this calamari is just fantastic. It is almost similar like how mom cooks calamari rings at home.

Worth to try if you feel like eating fish and chips in Freo. Well, I could say this Saturday was awesome :)
Kinda miss my sister and yes, I admire her so much.
I really appreciate your treats :D lols.

Your cutest sister :P

September 24, 2010


Haven't done grocery shopping these few days and I come with improper meal everyday :( It seems like I only consume oatmeal, bread, crumpets, and fruits lately. It's not that I'm in a diet, but well it couldn't be resisted hehe.

My all time favourite meal for breakfast or dinner :D
Wholemeal crumpets with apple and maple syrup.

Not much to write atm.

Random thought: How can apple's products be so addictive? Currently waiting for white iPhone 4 to be released. Or the new iPhone 5? Not sure. But somehow my mind took me to somewhere else related to DSLR. I've dreamt for it since long time ago, but nah. I'm not that good at photography, and I gotta save money more wisely :)

Good night peeps! It's friday and weekend is around the corner. The most exciting thing has yet to come, WEEK BREAK is front of us! :D

September 22, 2010

Dear Friend,

Here I am, locking myself alone in my room, no music playing, and no sunshine lighting my room. Haven't slept a wink since yesterday. Been crying all night without no one knew. Huge, never-unexpected things happen all of a sudden, which makes me unable to speak or explain anything to defend myself. I believe this is a trial from God, for me to become stronger and knowing that life is not that simple. I really never meant to hurt someone-I-love's feeling, but perhaps they're not the right words to express what I really mean. You are my friend, and you know I never meant to be fake, disrespect, or giving everything with return. I, sometimes feel offended with you and the others, but I never keep it in my thoughts. That's really who I am and I know exactly who I am.

I thank you, and always thank you for everything you've done for me this whole time since I knew you. I always care about you, about your health, about anything you mumbled about to me, and I always try to help you. Sorry if you think I didn't help or give any solves to your problems, but indeed, I've tried my very best. I really thank you, for spending your time just to help my love-life problems. And everything I've mentioned above are not pretence. That're all my true feelings towards you, and I envy you. So much.

It is up to you now, how you interpret my feelings. If you ever hated me so much, then I wanna say thousands of sorry to you. You may not think of me as your best bud, but I think of you as a wonderful and brilliant best bud I've ever had. Thanks for everything.


September 19, 2010

Buzybee week

Have slept less than 6 hours these days. Yes, akhir2 ini gw kurang tidur, bahkan tidurnya ga cukup setiap hari karna banyak assignment, dan hal2 lainnya yang waktunya semakin dekat. Dan yang paling ditunggu2, Retret ICYO ternyata sebentar lagi! Demi retret berjalan lancar, semua pasti dilakuin dengan senang hati dan tetap semangat, mulai dari fund raising tiap minggu, latihan music session, dan bagi temen2 yang jalanin puasa. Yakin kita pasti sukses nantinya :)

Di saat2 sibuk begini, belanja groceries juga udah jarang. Sampean cuman masak sayur mulu tiap hari, tanpa daging. Daging sisa 2 hari lalu cuman tinggal ayam.
Dinner hari ini: peas, corn, brocoli, and mushroom pake nasi putih. *rada kesian ya*
Omaigat, it's 3 am in the morning olredi. Tapi gw masi dipenuhi pikiran random super ga jelas, sambil browsing2 barang murmer di ebay. HIYAK! Tapi ini salah satu terapi menghilangkan rasa stres dan menjernihkan pikiran lagi, boleh dicoba bagi yang suka pernak pernik hp ato laptop :D

Random mood malem: dengerin musik slow pop, sambil ngebayangin nasib, inginnya punya keluarga yang kecil sederhana, tinggal di rumah deket millpoint ato sgala river2an sambil duduk2 bareng suami ngeteh ngederin lagu2 jazz atau jack & rai juga boleh :) malemnya makan sama2, sebelum tidur berdoa bareng, masakin suami buat bekal ke kantor dan membicarakan masalah2 yang ada sama2. (Udah ngomongin suami aja, pacar aja juga blum coba) *blushing2 hihi*

Baiklah, saatnya tidur. Bsok harus berjuang supaya tampil baik waktu iringin choir yang luar biasa indahnya di gereja :)
Happy Sunday peeps!

September 16, 2010

Awal yang baru

Bener-bener cuaca yg bagus hari ini, dingin, ditambah cerahnya matahari pagi dan siang tadi. Cuman tadi pagi bisa bisanya telat kelas, yang gurunya paling gw favoritin dan isi muridnya cuman 3 orang. Banyak banget tugas2 yg harus dibikin walaupun bukan assignment yg banyak, tapi peernya tiap minggu harus selesai. Jadi deh tidur jam stengah 4 tadi malem :(
Btw, ini hari ke2 sejak suatu keputusan udah dibikin. Berasa kayak mimpi, tapi sdikit lebih lega. Blum pernah ngerasain jadi single seblumnya, tapi gw harus tetep semangat dan terus berdoa semoga semuanya bisa lebih baik :)

Hari hari dilewati bersama Indah kembali, dan iyaaakkk saya merasa terhibur *walaupun akhirnya ga jadi bikin assenmen tadi siang, lol* Tapi thanks buat Indah, sudah memberi saran-saran yg mendukung. Thanks juga buat semua temen2, njess, eveline, dan semuanya. Setiap latihan choir itu paling semangat, gatau kenapa tapi senenggg aja bisa ketemu temen2 lagi, hihihi..
Oh iya, saya berjanji akan latihan main keyboard setiap hari supaya tidak mengecewakan, dan jika butuh bantuan apapun gw dengan senang hati pasti membantu. Hehehe..

Progress buat assenmen, yah sudah 80 persen. Assenmen yang menurut gw paling ga berguna ya, literature review which is worth 30%. Semoga kerja keras slama ini bisa sebanding sama hasilnya, bgitu juga dengan teman2 yg senasib sama gw. Semangat yaaa, kita bisa kalahin jarmanisme lol. Tapi assenmen tidak brakhir sampai disini, masi banyak grup assenmen lainnya yg worthnya bener-bener gede dan berpengaruh. Harus tetap semangat dan terus berdoa :)

Dear ICYO, thanks heaps for every moment and support ♥♥
Anddd.. Gut lak buat semua yang lagi sibuk mid sem, assenmen, dan pekerjaan! :D

September 13, 2010

Starry sky..

I was thinking to write something last night, but then I was too lazy to restart it again, oh well. I was sitting at the corner of my bed, opened my large windows and stared at the night sky. How I really love that feeling, with my iPod plugged to my ears. Slow pop songs randomly take turn to play. The new band called 'Jack and Rai' seems to be my new favourite one :) Then I was thinking about life, what have I done wrong, what I have to do right, how I can fix my mistakes, and what I wanna be in the future. Then I ask God to always remind me if I begin to step to the wrong path. And how I feel so grateful to have such wonderful friends and have fun together :)
Sorry, just another random thought. But when you look at the night sky, thinking of someone or anything that bothers you, you'll find way of how to reflect yourself, and you might somehow find answers to your problems. Don't forget to keep believing in God :)

September 12, 2010


Not much to blog at the moment and I don't have intention to cook these days, so no food review atm hehe. It's been a very hectic week, fully loaded with tons of never-ending-assignments which continue to race to the deadline every single week. I'm tired and I need support to keep going :(

Anyway, between those terrible weeks that I need to go through, there's always happiness come along the way. Tonight was the best night that I enjoyed so much and now it came to the thought of "back to reality" which is the thing that I hate so so much and I feel stressed out thinking out of my assignments again, over and over till no one knows when it'll stop. How I love you all guys, we did have SO MUCH FUN tonight. Thanks to icyo, umm, no, big huge enormous thanks for everything :D

Aside from the assignments, this feeling of tiredness..
This feeling of sadness..
This feeling of worrisome..
This feeling of I don't even know what that is..
Don't you want to call me, or text me, asking how I've been doing this whole day? Are you alright? Do you feel happy for today?
Or support me and make me comfy with your sweet words..
Sorry I'm asking too much, but it would be a great, wonderful feeling I got if you say that to me even it's just once..

Dear God, please show me Your way. Give me a clue and help me to keep strong. Please lead us all out of the uncertainty and keep our faith deep in you :)
And help us in the "icyo retret" so that all things going well. Please, please God, we trust in You.

September 10, 2010

I realize my mistakes. But there was something that I felt not right behind that, which made me to do so. And I want you to know that I'm not such a person who likes pretending or acting to be good. I feel sorry for doing bad things, and i hope you realize what made me think of you that way too.

September 2, 2010

Buka puasa bersama

Post pertama berbahasa indo, rasanya asyik juga hehe. Kmarin rencananya mau masak bareng Indah buat dia buka puasa. Blanja groceries udah kayak blanja buat 1 bulan. Indah ceritanya pengen bikin kreasi baru haha. Beli ayam tenderloin yg ternyata enak banget, dan beda banget dari ayam breast fillet biasa (recommended loh). Akhirnya dia pengin bikin ayam yg creamy2 gitu, plus soto betawi. Jeng2, judulnya Creamy chicken with peas and corn lol *keren dah namanya*
Setelah berebut kompor siapa yg pengin masak duluan, akhirnya Indah ngalah dan potong kentang buat bikin soto. Gw bikin Spinach fettuccine with spinach & ricotta sauce :D
Akhirnya soto betawi Indah jadi juga deh. Hasilnya uenak pol, sampe yg lain kaga kesentuh coba.
Jadi deh buka puasa bareng, semua makan dengan senang =) Thank God we can enjoy your blessing together. Akhirnya malemnya Indah kekenyangan sampe nginep di rumah haha.

*Cooking plan buat next time: Churros or Macaroons

August 29, 2010

Long lost baby..

How I miss to play my baby no.5 (I was putting her in no.2 last year). My lovely mom bought her for me as my birthday present when I was 13 or 14 I couldn't even remember :( She's 5 years old now and still in the dusty case on my room floor. I discovered her being abandoned since I arrived here last year and just played with it when nobody was home, unless they would be attacked by a serious terrible headache. Lols. Who is the 'she' anyway? Well, she's not a pet though :D
Suzuki, NS-20 - 2005
People say the older your violin is, the more wonderful sound it can produce. I hope she's still fine after going through 4 seasons here. At first I needed to adjust the bridge and strings for like thousand times as their positions always changed due to the seasonal weather and soon after adjusting, tuning needs to be made. But now I know what the problem is, I'm not supposed to store the case vertically. To all violin players, does that make sense? But yes, this theory is applied to my violin. Weird I guess. But I don't want to buy a new German made violin to replace her.
Perhaps I wanna buy a set of new strings to refurnish her and make her my baby no.2 again instead of my iPhone :P

August 25, 2010

25 August

It's 25 August today. I was playing with my fingers, counting how many months it has been since my 3rd anniversary with him. My finger stopped at the 6th count and obviously today is the 42nd month of me and him being together :)
Happy 3.5 years anniversary, pupu.. I love you..

August 23, 2010


Perth forecast today reported a sunny day :) A good weather for washing clothes and how I love to sit in my room, in front of my big window with the sun shined my face. I was looking at the cloudy sky waiting for my class at 1pm when I suddenly craved for egg mayo, tomato, potato, Italian leafs and roast beef at Curtin's main cafe salad bar. I ran directly to get my salad soon after class, and it was really good ♥

I planned to make curry beef with *buncis* (what is buncis in english btw? lols), but it turned out to be a disaster. I accidentally dropped quite a lot of crushed dried chilli and it tasted like a volcano :'( The beef landed in the bin as soon as it cooked. I then opened my fridge to get my buncis then I saw my baby spinach nearly dead and I changed my menu again for the second time. I finally mixed all the veggies that I got as my stomach growled so superb.
I mixed rice with brokolli, corn, peas, carrot and spinach.
For the side dish, I cooked the leftover spinach with button mushroom and egg. Simple yet delicious :)
For finale, I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top of it and it has made my evening beautiful hehe.
Have a good dinner peeps, but try to not having a heavy supper later, lols..
Happy Monday!

August 20, 2010

My gratefulness to the max :)

I can't stop thinking about how good God be to me. To think thoroughly about it, I couldn't do good things in my life to make Him happy. I still, sometimes go to sleep without praying just because I was damn tired or smelling my favourite *guling* and I just fell asleep. I always talk to God before I sleep, thanking Him of how I can get through the whole day, and asking Him for forgiveness of what I have done wrong. But for sure, it can't be said as a prayer :( A prayer is when you sit properly, give all your heart to Him, not thinking of anything else, but give all you've got to Him.

I feel so grateful to Him for giving me chances to know more friends. I was once scared that I wouldn't make more friends since I chose my school major and I was totally separated from my CIC besties. It is until this current semester I felt so scared of not getting any more friends, since Dona my cousin went back to Indo for good. But obviously, the ICYO choir practice is still held every week. It's only few weeks and I felt very comfortable in it. I know that God set this up for me, when my cousin left I don't have to be alone in this people's country (or should I say this people's village? lols).
I couldn't stop of keep saying thanks to God, hugh enourmous gigantic thanks to God for loving me so much. I want Him to keep me warm and safe until I become a real woman, married, and having children and when I raise my children. I believe He also loves you so much like you couldn't ever imagined and we should all give our hugh thanks to Him together and keep believing in Him, because He does every miracles and changes to your life :)
I love You God ♥

August 18, 2010

Mellow Wed..

It's Wednesday and cloudy in the morning, plus 2 tutorial classes in a row :S But my spirit never down, coz He still gives me the day to live on with all my families and friends here, hehe. It's the first class that I attended this whole week as I skipped my 8am class on monday :P
Anyway, I was walking around my campus after classes as I thought I just want a cheap lunch for me and I ended up in a small shop selling lunch boxes and fruits dessert.
As you can see there's the price on its sauce container haha. 3 of them for $6.00, not too bad I guess, compared to other super unreasonable expensive food in the cafetaria.
Soon after I arrived home, I decided to go to small market near my house to buy some veggies. I thought I just make dinner at 3pm because I won't be able to eat anything later since the choir concert starts at 7. Then I decided to make wholemeal penne with mushroom, red caps, and tuna (cooked with a little curry and chilli powder).
After the tuna was ready, I put them together, a little sprinkle of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and bake them for 15 min in 180 degrees preheated oven.
How about your Wednesday? :)

August 15, 2010

Today's lunch

When I came to my piano tutor's house just to play around, she asked me to stay for a lunch because she cooked too many chicken and rice, so I said okay, that's great. She cooked butter sauced chicken at that time, and it tasted great. Different from many other butter sauced chicken that I've ever eaten so far. So I decided to try to cook one for myself using the leftover chicken breast fillet in my fridge.
And yes it tastes good (yayy!). Marinade the chicken with sweet soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper and lime juice overnight and put it in the fridge. For the butter sauce, add butter, soy sauce, garlic, chilli powder, pepper, and milk :) I also cooked buttered rice with frozen vegie and a little bit of fish balls to add taste.
And voila! Wanna join me for lunch today? :P