June 19, 2011

I wish.

I wish life could be easier. 

I wish every matter could be simpler. 

I wish I had enough money of my own to keep hanging on. 

I wish I could have my desired typical-office job later. 

I wish I could be a mature woman.

I wish I could do better in every single stuff I have. 

I wish I could do something to eradicate other's difficulties.

I wish I could handle every problem that destroys me.

I wish I could bring something to get people rid of despair and sorrow.

I wish I could have a fantastic family of my own. 

I wish I could have wonderful, bright, optimistic, buoyant children of my own.

I wish I could be tougher.

I wish I could be granted more strength. 

I wish I could meet the man that I love, unconditionally. 

I wish we could get through every storm that tries to destroy our way. 

I wish we could bear things together.

I wish everyone would be granted the best thing they can never imagine.

Lord, I surrender myself in Your hand. I wish for your blessings for my precious family and friends, for Your power to hold us up through every obstacle in our life.
I believe in Your glory my almighty God :)

June 5, 2011

Rise up your spirit :)

Good evening peeps.

(Just realised I keep saying Nitey or Good Evening here, even when I put brekkie pictures on my posts. But I'm getting back now to my long lost daily routine of staying tuned late up until 1 or 2am)

Anyhow, this morning was quite cold and I prefer to stay for another 30 minutes under my blanket. It was tremendously a pleasant spot there which I suppose everyone would enjoy that aura...
So I decided to make oatmeal with caramelized apple.

Small cuts of fuji apple, and you're gonna need to cook it with butter and sugar to caramelize them.


Bring to cook around 20 minutes until they turn golden brown. 


I just did an alteration to soy milk these few weeks and I see it's good. I'm not ready to change my regular coffee to soy latte yet though haha. 


A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar always be a perfect blend :)

My study progress ----> only 10% out of 110% I guess. *still breathe in and out again*

Good luck for everyone who starts the exam next week. Winter holiday is just there :)

June 2, 2011

Strive till the end I shall call.

I just completely stuff my whole day up studying for the crappy exams in 1.5 weeks. Seriously I was thinking to procrastinate for a week or so and start the study-till-dead thingy just a week before. I just flipped through the pages of a bunch of lecture notes building up to nearly the same as Mount Everest on my desk, and I was surrounded in a shocking ambience and can't stop my mouth from open for several minutes. It's around 98-150 slides a chapter to memorize (read: no graphs, no illustrations, no pictures or whatsoever, just words all over from start till the end).

*stress overload*

*breathe in*

*breathe out*

Aside from my study motivation, I always spare my time to cook for my lunch and dinner. A justifiable reason as I have to cook in order not to dine out. I found this crazy idea this afternoon in the middle of my study. I tell you a post-groceries-syndrome of mine. In the middle of endeavouring to get the hang of what 'service asset and configuration management' means, my right brain told me to figure out what I should do to the chicken I bought yesterday. And I finally came up with this idea of making tomato puree with sweet soya sauce which is unexpectedly nice :D


I'll pray for everyone all the best for the final exam next week. May God's blessing be upon us all :)