April 26, 2011


Good evening, peeps.

Where have I been lately? I'm not going around actually, instead I open my blogger account every day and click the refresh button to see if there's any new post from my friends and other posts from the blogs I follow. I'm thinking if I own a DSLR right now I'll be going out everyday, having a me time in a cafe, taking pictures of the treat, and spending time in the north of Perth for cute appealing vintage stuff.

What about my uni progress? It sucks. I'm only prepared with feeble excuses and still struggling to find one that would explain the indolence.  I have 3 assignments due in May and I'm still happily procrastinating, writing stuff on my blog, browsing for clothes, camera, and making plans for which I should save up. Perhaps camera. Yes, a DSLR it is. I can yell out tons of reasons of not doing my assignment, instead, doing cool stuff.
I've been so unproductive lately. I used to spend my spare times baking cakes and cookies. Now I don't bake. Blame my savings account. Been dining out terribly often these days, not even critically thinking of people in Japan :(

Anyway, I'll be spending my time studying and teaching. Phew, I become a teacher? What would my students be later? Lol just kidding. I love children and I promise them a bright future career once they grow up :D Unfortunately I was trying to find out the buses timetable for tomorrow morning to get my very first training at Wembley at 9:30 and I found out that tomorrow is still a public holiday. 
Man, I couldn't even speak of anything when I tried to click on the trip plan at every hour on Google Maps and my lovely buses that go to Wembley do not operate AT ALL tomorrow. #yelly-cr*ppy
So what I have to do is take the train to Subi and have a 17 mins walk to Wembley. I should have eaten a lot today that I will be burning my fat and having a sweaty walk. But anyway, I guess it's fun though, hopefully. 

Gotta back to my assignments now. Current power of eyelid ---> 0.5W

Anyhow, Happy Easter! May God bless you abundantly :)

Ps: Special thanks to all of you who have successfully made my day. The best birthday surprise I ever had :) Thank you Eveline, Brenda, Indah, and everyone outside the blogging network lol.
Love you peeps!

April 20, 2011

Mr. Darcy: "How are you this evening, my Dear?"
Lizzy: "Very well. Only I wish you were not calling me my Dear."
Mr. Darcy: "Why?"
Lizzy: "Because it's what my father always calls my mother when he's crossed about something."
Mr. Darcy: "What endearments am I allowed?"
Lizzy: "Well, let me think. Lizzy, for everyday, my Pearl for Sundays, and Goddess when I'm in very special occasions."
Mr. Darcy: "And, what should I call you when I'm crossed? Mrs. Darcy?"
Lizzy: "No, no. You may only call me Mrs. Darcy, when you are completely, perfectly, incandescently happy."
Mr. Darcy: "And how are you this evening, Mrs. Darcy?"

April 9, 2011


Wednesday: Almost died from heart attack on a job interview.
Thursday: Studied 5 weeks chapters for a 10% midtest. 
Friday morning: Did the test. 

And a couple of minutes after the test...


Bersama Inez dan Callista pergilah kita menuju Claremont. Baruuuu aja abis beresin tugas-tugas minggu ini udah berasa lepas dari segala-galanya.
Karna perut udah kayak mercon duar duer duar jedeerr bunyinya, mampirlah kita ke Iku Sushi buat lunchie.
Baru pertama kali kesana udah langsung jatuh cinta sama makanannya.

Si Udon Jawara Callista yang supnya juwara enaknya
Sehabis perut kenyang puol, menujulah kita ke Claremont dengan tujuan membenarkan biola Callista yang keadaannya sedikit mengenaskan. Jumlah senar cuman ada 2, dengan tidak adanya bow untuk menggesek.
Pergilah kita ke Zenith Music. Tokonya gueeedeeee mamaaaaaa! Ada 2 lantai buat piano diatas dan biola, woodwind, brass, ukulele, gitar di lantai paling bawah. Senar-senar dari gitar sampe biola dijejerin satu dinding.
Beginilah kira-kira percakapan kita dengan si penjual biola:

Callista: "Can I have a set of strings and a bow please?"
Si Om: "Of course you can. Hang on, for this violin you don't need the expensive set though. This would do."
(Dia ngeluarin merk Pirastro Tonica)
Callista: "How much is it?"
Si Om: "$80."
Saya: "Do you have the cheaper one than this?" (Maap ini terlalu mahal buat student dan kita terikut budaya Cina).
Si Om: "Yes, perhaps this one, $45."
Callista: "Mahal kali Cinnnn!"

Habis dipasang tuh, si Om mau ambil bow-nya. Beginilah percakapannya:

Si Om: "Okay, now the bow."
Callista: "How much is it for the bow?"
Si Om: "$70."
Callista: "Cinnnn mahal kali! Bokek aku."
Saya: "Do you have the cheaper one than this?"
Si Om: "No, this is the cheapest one. The real bow is around $1,000 to $2,000."
Callista dan saya : (Hahhhh, real bow? Emang dia kate yang ini maen-maenan?!)
Lalu dengan terdiam kita pun bayar string dan bow masing-masing dan jalan keluar dengan tertunduk malu.
Malu nggak sih bow semuanya nanya yang serba murah meriah banyak.

Lalu jalanlah kita ke Claremont Quarter. Sepanjang jalan pada ngeliatin toko-toko sepatu yang harganya selangit-langit.
Namun, semuanya kembali senang habis ngeif di Koko Black.

Chocolate Affogato

Babycino dan something-something lupa namanya tapi uenakk suroo!

Hati senang, gembira, dan gendut, tapi enak hehehe.
Sekianlah perjalanan sehari kita yang cukup menyenangkan. Kembali lagi ke assignments yang nggak kunjung habis-habisnya.


Happy birthday, Indah!

I just wanna say thank you, a big thank you, for the company to my interview on your birthday.
I wanna wish you to have a great one, all the best in your Master degree, happiness, healthiness, and everything best :)

I wish you had a great birthday and God bless you my dear!
Mamah loves you.


April 3, 2011

Mother, Father, I'm depressed. It's pressure everywhere. I'm not capable enough. I'm scared.