October 30, 2010

Midnight random

I scrolled down my twitter timeline and found some tweets from ihatequote, for which they sometimes represent what I've been feeling but I almost never have thought of them.

"Sometimes the only thing that people see is what you did. When in fact, they should be looking at why you did it."
Mira Mirasol

"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side."

"God gives us eyes to see, hearts to love, and hands to hold them when they need us."

"Love includes forgiveness, and forgiveness requires letting go of the past."
Joyce Meyer

"How big people's respect for you is determined by how good you understand and how well you treat them."

"Being in love, rather than giving/taking; it's the only thing that provides stability of affection, attention, and appreciation."

"The most important decisions you make are not the things you do, but the things you decide not to do."
Steve Jobs

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close inside."
Kay Knudsen

"No matter how big your mistake was, let people know how much you've learnt and how proud you're of yourself now."

I've just felt depressed a moment ago, thinking about how scared I am to face the assignments which I thought it's out of my ability. I'm afraid of being fall behind from the others.
But then I realize I still have God who never leaves me. Who always helps me whenever I'm down.

And just wanna say thanks to someone for encouraging me :)

Yosh, need to get back to work. Good night peeps!
Wish everyone best luck in everything they are working out right now :)

October 22, 2010

Fully loaded.

Will be sitting an IELTS test in not more than 48 hours. Less than 24 hours to the speaking test section. OEMJI.
Thank God one assignment has been accomplished before it's due tomorrow. I can't breathe or think of having fun before the IELTS is completed. Gaaarrghhh. My brain ran out of battery. Three more assignments due after the IELTS, and followed by final exams. I desperately need holiday. Not to mention that there would be 2 exams in a day during final. Fed up with my tutor (the worst literature review mark I've ever received from him in my entire life).

Thinking of negative things such as the above only makes me, or even makes us fall into a deeper hole of depression, stress, and failure. I used to consider things like the above so complicated. But hey, there was something inside me that told me to just enjoy life. Enjoy the busyness, the stressful, the dreadful, the horrible assignments that I'm gonna face ahead. It reminds me again of how we don't walk and live alone in this world. I still have friends that definitely go through the same things as me. Yes, we have to gain spirit to get going with these stuff together.

Oh well, please note *I was practising for writing section for the IELTS when I wrote this post* Please pardon for any unclear or unrelated issues within.

Eniweiiii, forget about assignments and IELTS stuff for now. I'm arranging a schedule of what to do after this misery ends, which is the best part of pre-summer holiday :D

* Watching Beethoven's Symphony no.9, presented by WASO!
I was like, "Symphony sucks. Especially by Beethoven, I'll definitely fall asleep as soon as the music starts". Nonetheless, the music is pretty cool, ended with the Ode to Joy theme which is best known today. Excited!

* Making destination lists during Singapore transit.
I definitely have to get the popular Nasi Lemak. And expectantly, I get the chance to watch Jack & Rai live performance :)

* Making shopping spree in Jakarta.
It's been 3 years since the last visit to Jakarta. Kinda miss Donceeee, and needs to catch up with other ICYO friends in Jakarta. Yieeeyyyy!

Alright, need to go to bed now. Wish me luck for tomorrow's interview!
St. Joseph of Cupertino, please pray for us :)

October 19, 2010


After the long wait to have a chance to taste just a little piece of macaroon, I finally got 6 of them during window shopping at city today. Yieeyyy. Fell in love with the colours for the first time I saw them in 6 different varieties and I just bought all of them in each taste.
I'm not sure where the shop was, but it seemed to be at Kings Street hehe.
from left to right: blueberry white chocolate, lemon, pistachio, caramel, strawberry, chocolate.

Just had a try on the chocolate and blueberry ones and yes, they taste really great. Crunchy outside, chewy and gooey in the inside :D
Have a stressful assignment or test ahead? Have a little taste of macaroons and your brain would work double since they are very sweet (hati-hati kelebihan gula dan menjadi aktif).


October 18, 2010

Mood tetot tapi seneng.

Hari Senin. Saya telat.

Kelas 1: 8am lecture
Udah bangun dari jam 6 pagi sampe 6.30. Habis itu tidur-tiduran dan kemulan dibawah selimut sampe ketiduran 15 menit dan alarm bunyi lagi jam 6.45. Gw snooze sampe bangun jam 7. Udah kebiasaan ga pernah tau jadwal bus di rumah lama, secara dari rumah lama tinggal ngesot udah nyampe ke bes stop.

Kelas 2: 1pm lab
Habis kepanasan jalan kaki pulang dari lecture, keasikan duduk-duduk di sofa *sofa disini bener-bener enak buat nyantai*. Sambil upload-upload foto dan akhirnya lupa waktu, sampe ngeliat jam udah pukul 12.35. Oemji untuk kedua kalinya telat lagi. Dan cobaan untuk jalan dibawah panas yang mega super duper terik dengan buku yang tebal harus dilewati lagi.

Akhirnya sampai di rumah dengan lemas en berkeringet. Tapii, senengnya perasaan waktu habis grocery shopping. Dengan segala cemilan dan makanan-makanan yang bakal gw abisin dalam waktu deket, mood malas kembali senang dan bersemangat lagi :D
Kaya cemilan semua ya kliatannya haha, tapi itu baru stengahnya kok. Belanja sayur, buah, dan daging akan dilaksanakan bsok. Eniweiii, gw pengin beli tempat roti baru since yang lama udah hilang entah kmana. Rupa-rupanya gw nemu sandwich bag yang super kiyutt, secara gw masi demen sama yang namanya elmo dan kawan-kawan.
Yieeyy dapet stickernya juga didalemnya :D *plak plak inget Sindi kamu udah umur berapa*.
Baiklah, sekian dulu untuk hari ini. Maap postnya rada tetot hari ini dikarenakan hari ini saya bener-bener tetot sampe bisa telat masuk kelas.

Have a great Monday, peeps! :)

October 12, 2010


It's been a while since the ICYO Retreat has ended. What an extraordinary experience I got for only 3 days, but yes, it changed me a lot. Big applause for the committees! You guys are awesome :) Never stop to keep saying thank you to God, for merging us all together and let us learn and keep believe in Him.

I just wanna say thanks to all of my friends, for keeping me busy and forgetting all my problems these few weeks.

For my very best friend "A" : Thanks for everything after what we'd gone through these 3.5 years. You know I won't put you away from my memory, you are the very first person I've been very deeply in love with. But I guess we can't make it to the very end. I'm sorry and please be yourself again, be the old you with all your jokes and coolness.

This post would be all about gratefulness. I can live alone and move on until now, all because of people around me right now. Huge thanks to ICYO for letting me to open my mind and learn more about friendship. Thanks to 'mamah' for keeping me strong hehe.

Thanks to everyone, I don't want to lose any of you :')

October 4, 2010


Saya resmi sembuh hari ini :) Cuman suara masi bindeng kaya bebek, plus batuk yang hampir reda hehe. Senangnya bisa sehat lagi, walaupun kemarin sempet takut sakit kambuh lagi. Buat yang masi sakit, gw doain biar sembuh sesembuh2nya :) Banyak makan buah, terutama jeruk, vitamin C, dan minum banyak air buat penurun demam.

Pikiran random malam ini: lagi2 tentang masa depan, walaupun gw masi ada 1 taon lagi waktu buat kuliah. Tapi khawatir untuk dapet pekerjaan dari skarang. Khawatir terus untuk takut ngejalanin semuanya sendirian, struggling sendirian. Semoga gw bisa dapet support atau dukungan dari seseorang untuk terus maju, juga waktu gw ksusahan sama mata kuliah gw yang minim banget :(

Tapi gw tetep yakin sama Tuhan, bakal dikasi kemudahan hehehe.
Hiyak, 4 hari lagi menuju retret, wishing a full speedy recovery for everyone. Tetap semangat skolah dan bekerja :)

October 3, 2010

End of the unproductive days

Yes, today is the last day of week break. I've been unproductively spending my times accompanied by flu and fever. Thanks to you guys for making my day bright and told me abandon my assignments. Omg, I really need help in my studies for I have played around and spent so little time for my studies during midnight :( well I'm struggling hard and trying all my best into it, and of course study is always my top priority *remembering how I loved to study BIS 100 in CIC last year, in which that spirit had vanished since I entered uni :'(*

Plan for the next whole week? Study, attend all labs and lectures, start doing the assignments (this is a total must). And I'm really looking forward to the retreat this Friday, yeah, it's this Friday *excited*. I'm also making a written promise to myself here to keep practicing music starting tomorrow, and keep doing productive and useful things for me and for others. Just like my friend Eli wrote in her blog, keep doing things with love :)

Just had my hair cut yesterday, thanks to Indah and Vita for accompanied me and patiently waited for me :')
And oh, just moved to the new venue and stayed with my 2 lovely housemates Wen2 and Odri :D let's rule and take care of the house together hihi.

It's nearly midnight, gotta back to my studies. Hopefully these loyal friends of mine would go away tomorrow, no more cough or fever pleaseeeee!
Enjoy your day peeps, I know it's Monday tomorrow :( but don't let your spirit down hehe.

God be with you :)