May 26, 2012

Spinning out the wheels.

I'm back in my blogging time again. And revived.

There are some bad news and good news coming to myself lately, and it's gonna be one of those tough times I can say.
Okay, so we start with the bad news. Unfortunately, I will need to repeat my IELTS test again. This is the consequences of looking down on things when you're supposed to concentrate and take it seriously.
Second one, I have been fined by Curtin parking. TWICE. This has been my very first fines I got in my whole experience driving in Perth. I was intending not to pay a ridiculous $95 parking permit for some reason. I only need to attend 2 days of classes for a week, and one of them is after hour. Who is to be blamed if the visitor paying machine only takes coins, and who the h*ll out there collecting coins in their purse anyway.

Okay, let's move on to the lucky news ones.
I just got a replacement for my lost old phone, and all I can say of it is AWESOME! I have a cute laptop I could carry around with me. Like seriously, ever since I got this baby I barely open and use my Mac for browsing and youtube-ing purposes.
Another one, I have finally finished my degree. Thank God so much for such blessing and guidance throughout the years of my study. It has been such amazing times working with my project team members, awesome people.

So, I guess the next step's not gonna be easy too, since I will start holding adult's responsibilities in the future...

Anyhowwww, meet my housemates! :D

(Left to right: Achid, Icel, Dita, Me )

Thanks for the support girls! You rocked up my days :D