August 26, 2011

End of August updates.

I just found a new motivation regarding my study progress that has been dropped significantly in the present. Even though there are so much hurdles to go through, I could still convince myself and slap my cheek whenever I see my cute timetable pin-up from Frankie (thanks to Frankie team, I'll always be your loyal subscriber!), where I date certain upcoming excitements.



The highlight of all...

'BRB' ICYO RETREAT is just around the corner!!


Total excitement!

And I just feel so blessed today that I wanna tell the world that this life is really amazingly incredible. There are so many good people around, and it surely rises up the positive energy of you.

And a little gift from home, brought by my family tradition.


Sticky rice with tons of ebi and little cuts of chasiew! 

Alrightey, back to the textbook reading. I wish for us all a luck in the upcoming tests and assessments :)


August 22, 2011

To everyone in this universe.

I'm currently mad with these music videos by David Choi.

Enjoy! :)

August 21, 2011

A new baby is on his way.

I just wanna spread a good news, that I have finally bought a new baby number 4. A Nikon DSLR it is! 


Got a plan to fill up my Flickr albums so soon ♥ 

August 12, 2011

Jane Eyre

I just got back from watching Jane Eyre with my housemates. For you who've never heard of it, it's one of the english classic novel collections by Charlotte Bronte (who I guess she's the sister of Emily Bronte, who wrote the Wuthering Heights, which is one of the famous english novels as well *Ok I'm done talking*). 

Anyway, the story is about an orphan named Jane, who lost both of her parents when she was baby, and were raised by her aunt and uncle. She was treated unequally with her cousins, her head was even beaten to the wall by her sarcastic dumb cousin. She was finally sent to the Lockwood school, to get educated to be some kind like a governess or servant I guess (I did a lot of guessing in this movie though, due to the lack of proper British english, and no captions available).

And she finally grew up, and she worked as a governess to teach a little french girl in a private household. There she met and fell for a man who unfortunately had got married 15 years ago, and he locked up his wife in a secret room, in which Jane thought that there was something ghosty that haunted the house.
After she found out the truth, she left and ran away until a kind young man found her almost dried up, and brought her home and she was given a place to stay with his two-same-aged sisters. 

Anyway skip to the ending.

It was like a typical movie where we all thought she would fall in love again with this young man who was way better than her previous love. But we got it all wrong. Unfortunately she was the heiress of the wealth of his uncle Madeira, he left 20,000 pounds for her. She begged to be one of the young man's sisters because she was always alone, and gave them 5,000 pounds each. Then she went to the old house and she was surprised that it was burnt, nobody knew how the fire were set up a year ago. Then she finally found her man of love at the backyard, bearded all over his face, and he turned blind...



The end.

Has been one of my favourite english classic novels :)