January 31, 2012

Hear, pray, and seize.

Have you ever been in a situation where it felt so right at the beginning, but it turned out to be very out of your expectation? 


The phrase above is the highlight of my post today. It seems to us that we're likely getting certain situations under our control. 

We tend to estimate that we likely achieve what we've expected, because we are pretty sure that we have nailed all those obstacles along our way. However, those expectation obviously turned out to be your biggest disappointment, and you began to questioning God and start to doubting His power. 

It happened in our lives, where we thought God was providing the way and He opened every obstacle that got in the way to it. But unfortunately, we got it all wrong and we kept ourselves down, running away from reality.

It may not be the good answer for 'us', but it might be the best way according to 'Him'. Sometimes we wish and pray for the outcome that 'we' want, but we do not open chances for God to actually shows how He wants it to be. 

To straighten this up, we might want to consider of adding up something to our prayer, perhaps:

"Oh Lord, please give me strength for whatever the answer would be. If what I wish is not according to Your want, please teach me to accept it and never give up on You. Help me to become stronger, and show me the way that You want me to do."

Let's open up our heart, keep praying, and ask for His enlightenment. Sometimes God is being very nice that He might confers what is called miracle :)